Bikes in Your Backyard

As bikers, we may find weekends spent with chrome and asphalt more relaxing than a day doing yard work, but why not make the best of all your time outdoors by combining the two? There’s plenty of creative ways to bring your love for the road into your back yard.

1. How about a motorcycle gnome? C’mon, you know everyone will slow down to admire this little guy.
2. If he’s not cute enough for you, how about these two? Their names are Gnoschitt and Gnofun, if that changes your mind.
3. Want to plant something hot? You can plant Biker Billy spicy hot jalapenos to get Harley-Davidson enthusiast Billy’s favorites in your garden.
4. Then, you could get really crazy and plant your hot peppers in this biker boot planter.
5. Got spare parts? You could make yourself a garden sculpture like this. Got spare money? You could buy one. It’s ART.
6. Is the weather good enough to ride? Keep an eye on it with this biker weather vane.
7. Sure, those little remotes are easy when you’re in a car. But how do you get it open when you’re on your bike? Specially-designed  Motorcycle garage door openers
8. If you, or the lady in your life wants a totally maintenance free garden option, how about keeping your flowers to this helmet?

What have you done to celebrate the biker life in your backyard? Share it on our Facebook page, and always remember Haul Bikes if you need to transport a motorcycle.

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