Shipping a Motorcycle You Bought on Ebay

Shipping a Motorcycle on Ebay

Got a motorcycle that you don’t ride anymore or thinking about an upgrade to a new make or model? Thinking about trying eBay selling? Selling a motorcycle or ATV on eBay can be a great way to expand your options and find the perfect buyer for your bike.

With the new site dedicated entirely to buying and selling vehicles, eBay motors, eBay selling has never been easier. And since eBay has over 10 million shoppers every month, you will definitely want to consider this option.

What you will need to begin eBay selling:
• A credit or debit card
• A checking account number
• A digital camera (or 35 mm camera and scanner)
• An email account
• Funds (sellers fees – these can be a flat rate or a percentage of the sale)
• Vehicle history report (if available)
• VIN #
• Description of the vehicle, make/model, color, special features or aftermarket additions

How to register
To sell on eBay Motors, you must register as an eBay member and set up a seller’s account. Even if you’ve purchased something on eBay before, you still need to register separately as an eBay seller. You’ll be required to enter a credit or debit card and checking account numbers through a secure Internet connection. You will also set up a user ID and password which protects your account information from being accessed.

Gathering information and creating your ad
Ebay Motors provides a helpful eBay selling checklist.Use this checklist to gather information prior to placing your ad. A detailed description will save you time and questions from potential buyers.

Note: make sure you provide an accurate and honest record of the vehicle’s history. Disclosing any issues to the buyer makes for a better sale. Besides, you don’t want your eBay selling status to be jeopardized by failing to disclose information on a vehicle. Buyers place high importance on an eBay seller’s ranking and feedback from other buyers.

Price and selling strategy
Do your homework before posting your ad to make sure you have the right price and selling strategy.

In order to find a good price for your bike, you should start by looking at other ads for comparable vehicles. Then do a search on Kelly Blue Book. The level of risk you’re willing to take and the amount of money you want (or need) to make will determine your selling strategy. If you have a minimum you will accept for the bike, you may want to want to do a “reserve auction.” Or you could do a “no-reserve auction,” which means the highest bid above your opening bid wins. Ebay also offers a “buy-it-now” option that lets a buyer get the bike for a set price before any bidding begins. More information on these options is available on eBay Motors.

According to eBay Motors, generally items listed with good photos receive more bids and sell for higher prices than those with poor quality photos. Take many photos of your bike. Consider paying extra for additional photos. Even with a good description, quality photos will be your strongest sales tool.

Shipping a Motorcycle on Ebay
Include your shipping requirements in your terms and conditions. Most eBay sellers require the buyer to pay for shipping and make the shipping arrangements. However, researching shipping costs and including a link to a qualified shipper is a great way to boost your sales. only ships motorcycles and ATV’s. We’ll ship your bike with the battery connected and fluids intact. Including this information in your ad will help a new buyer feel comfortable with the process of purchasing and shipping a motorcycle.

Include the link to our zone route map in your ad so the buyer can immediately know the additional cost of shipping before they bid: Zonemap And for a visual, you can include the Daily Direct – Haul Bikes banner to show potential buyers that you have researched shipping methods for them. 

View more tips for buying and selling on the Internet with sites like eBay Motors.

To learn more tips about shipping a motorcycle you bought or sold on eBay selling on eBay Motors or to set up an account, visit their tips and advice page.

Source: eBay Motors.  For more information on eBay selling, visit

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