If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, chances are there’s going to be some point in your life when you’re going to want to get a bike from point A to point B without busting your butt on a thousand-mile ride. Maybe you’re moving, and don’t want to risk your pride and joy getting squished and scratched by the dining-room table. Or maybe you have only a few precious days off and want to hit a motorcycle rally fresh and ready to rock.  Perhaps Great Uncle Joe remembered you in his will and left you his 1962 Harley-Davidson FLHF …on the opposite coast  (THANKS UNCLE JOE!) How do you find a reputable, reliable means of motorcycle transport?

1. Do your research online. If you’re like most people, the first place you turn for information is the internet. Google away, and dig into your motorcycle shipping company‘s website. A good shipper will have plenty of information online to answer questions you may have.

2. Make sure your bike is adequately insured. Find out if your insurance policy covers shipping damage. If not, you may be able to purchase insurance from your shipping company.

3. Read the fine print. Will you be required to crate up your bike, palletize it, or drain all the fluids? Doing so may be convenient for the shipper, and may give you a rock-bottom price…but you’ll more than make up for any savings in the hassle of getting your bike running again.

4. Do your due diligence. It may be tempting to put a classified out there and find someone with an empty pick-up bed heading where you want to send your bike, but this avenue is risky. Will your bike be exposed to the elements? Tied down properly? More importantly, how do you know you’ll ever see your bike again?

5. Ask other riders. Ask your riding friends for recommendations. Try message boards, or even Facebook pages of groups you belong to. Word of mouth goes a long way!

6. Consider a specialist. There are a lot of shipping companies out there. Motorcycles have special shipping needs. Make sure the one you choose has the correct tie-downs and configuration to keep your bike safe.

7. Plan ahead. To keep prices low, motorcycle shippers combine shipments to keep trucks full. This means your shipment could take a month or so to get to it’s destination. We know it’s hard to wait…but it’s worth it to allow plenty of time to get there safely.

8. Think about your location and availability. If you live on a steep mountain cul-de-sac, you may want to work with your shipping company to meet at an easier location for a semi-truck to access. If you’re not always available, it’s possible you can make arrangements with you local motorcycle dealer for pick up and drop off.

With a little research and planning, motorcycle transport doesn’t have to be a hassle. And if you choose Haul Bikes, you’ll be able to complete any delivery with plenty of peace of mind.

If you’ve ever considered bidding for a bike on eBay, you may have wondered how you could take advantage of a great out-of-state bargain without getting scammed in the process. There are plenty of horror stories out there, but with a little planning and common sense, you may just find yourself in possession of the bike of your dreams, even if it’s from a seller 1000 miles away.

Use common sense. Just picture your Dad looking over your shoulder saying “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” PLEASE don’t fall for the “I’ll send you a cashier’s check for over the amount, you keep the rest” scam.

Get an inspection. If you’re serious, find a nearby dealer or mechanic and have the seller get the bike inspected. You’ll have to pay the fee, but an unbiased opinion may save you a ton of heartache (and cash) in the end.

Check the seller’s feedback. Make sure your seller has a lot of successful transactions under their belt. A seller’s reputation is their most valuable sales tool, and their feedback rating gives you a good feel for their integrity.

Get lots of pictures. Don’t hesitate to ask for more, different angles, or even a video of the bike starting up.

Know what you’re bidding on. With so much information at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for not knowing the ballpark value of a bike. Check Kelley Blue Book for estimates of what a bike is worth according to condition, mileage, and geographic location.

Protect yourself and the seller by using escrow. EBay’s “official” escrow provider is escrow.com. When you use Escrow.com, they collect the money from the buyer and hold it until the buyer and seller agree that the terms of the sale have been met. Escrow services are available for a small fee for purchases over $500. If your seller refuses to use escrow services, keep in mind that you’re taking your chances!

If you’re wondering about shipping charges, you can get real-time motorcycle shipping quotes as you’re making your purchase. HaulBikes is a preferred eBay motorcycle shipping provider, so of course we hope you’ll choose us!

Did you get great service from your Haul Bikes driver? Was your bike shipped to your destination in time for the big rally? We want to hear from you about a good experience you had with the Haul Bikes team!  At HaulBikes, our goal is to be the best motorcycle shipping company in the business. But frankly, you probably don’t care how great we think we are. You care about what other riders think, what their experiences have been shipping a motorcycle.

Give us some love – win a gas card

So we’re asking you to help your fellow riders out. If you’ve had a great experience, post it on our Facebook page. To sweeten the deal, between now and March 31, if you put a positive post on our Facebook page, you’ll be  entered in a drawing for a $20, $30 or $50 gas card. The drawing will be held the first week of April, and we will notify the winner immediately.

If your experience wasn’t everything you’d hoped for, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to make it right. Please contact customer service if you have other feedback or a concern.

HaulBikes Motorcycle Shipping

We know you have choices when it comes to who you choose to ship a motorcycle. Whether you’ve purchased your dream ride at an auction, found a great deal on eBay, or are planning the trip of a lifetime, you want to make sure your motorcycle gets to your destination on time, in one piece. Nothing can ruin a trip, or a purchase, faster than a damaged bike or a late shipment.

Sometimes, getting there is half the fun. If you have the time, spending a few days riding or trailing your bike to and from a big motorcycle rally can be a great way to start and end your vacation. But if your vacation time is limited and you’d rather spend your precious time enjoying all the music, food, fun and games that motorcycle rallies have to offer, why not consider shipping your motorcycle to the rally and meeting it there?

There’s a common misconception that motorcycle shipping is inconvenient – that you might have to drain the gas and other fluids, crate it up, or palletize your bike. Not exactly a fun way to start a vacation. Plus, then you have the hassle of getting your bike un-crated and gassed up before you can ride once it reaches your destination. Fortunately, there are companies that have specialized trucks with tie-down systems that allow your bike to roll right off the truck and onto the street.

For even more convenience, you can see if your motorcycle shipper provides door-to-door pickup and delivery. For groups or popular rallies, your shipper might have you meet at a local dealership or other drop-off location. Many times you’ll also find motorcycle shipping discounts  for big rallies, like Sturgis or Daytona. This option has the added benefit of letting you meet other riders in your area who are heading to the rally. Why not start the party early?

Are you confident your bike will be safe on cross-country trip? Some shipping companies you may find online may say they can ship a motorcycle, but they don’t specialize in motorcycle transportation. This could put your bike at risk for being on a truck crowded with livestock, furniture…or worse. This can be the case if you choose a “general” shipping company or a small-time independent shipper. You could get lucky and get a deal, but if you go this route, you have to be willing to take the risks. Whatever company you choose, shipping insurance is always a good idea.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience and care for your bike – not to mention peace of mind for a successful rally vacation, make sure to choose a company that specializes in motorcycle shipping. Call or look online for special rates for rally shipping, book your shipment far enough ahead of time to make sure you get a spot on the truck, meet your bike there, and enjoy a worry-free vacation.

For those that live in cold climates, that means your motorcycle will hibernate for the winter. If there is no motorcycle off-season where you live, then you will likely scan this article, chuckle, and then go for a ride while the rest of us are doing a bit of work in order to NOT ride our motorcycles. Or even better — you’re planning on shipping your motorcycle to some great, warm-weather rally!

Consider this checklist a gentle reminder of the basics of winter storage. Remember, proper winterization will greatly increase the chances your bike will start right up in the spring. So, before you tuck your baby away for its long, winter sleep:

  • Find a good place to store it – ideally a dry, heated place with a breathable. motorcycle cover to prevent moisture from being trapped underneath.
  • Change the oil – afterwards run the engine for a bit to circulate the new oil.
  • Lubricate any moving parts – the chain, all cables, and all pivoting parts (foot peg joints, etc).
  • Remove the battery – after removal, it should be stored in a warm, dry place.
  • Clean and wax – thoroughly remove built up grease, tar, bugs, etc. that have accumulated from the riding season. Wax the tank to create a nice protective barrier. A protecting moisturizer on the tires will help prevent dry-out.
  • Fill the gas tank and add fuel stabilizer – this will prevent the gas from going bad.
  • Check the tire pressure – inflate them to the proper level if need be.
  • Drain the carburetor – if this applies to your bike.

One of the most common questions we get here at HaulBikes is:  How long will it take to ship my motorcycle?

We understand. You’re anxious to get your bike where it needs to go. And you don’t want to be separated from your baby any longer than absolutely necessary.

Shipping times depend on a few things — how far your bike is traveling, the time of year, and how your bike can be grouped with other shipments.

In general, we pool as many motorcycles as we can during our cross country runs. Understand we are not just driving across the country to pick up or drop off your motorcycle alone. Pooling bikes together for shipping is the key to making motorcycle shipping affordable for you.

When a driver leaves our terminal, our staff contacts each of the driver’s stops to relay an approximate arrival date. Arrival dates are approximate due to traffic, road construction or weather conditions we simply have no control over. Make sure you schedule well in advance if you need the bike on a certain date.

The route driver also will contact a person at each stop when he is expecting to see them within the next 24 hours. It is important you are available to take delivery or be there when the bike is picked up. We do not leave motorcycles or pick up bikes unattended. Leaving a cell phone number can be helpful if you are not able to stay at the delivery location all day.

Our trucks depart frequently with normal shipping deliveries running around 28 days from the time the order is booked or the bike is ready (whichever applies). Some shipments may be faster, contact us to find out the shipping estimate for your shipment. If you schedule your shipment this week, typically your bike is scheduled on a truck departing Milwaukee, Wisconsin next week. The truck’s total delivery time (and essentially your bike’s pick up time) depends on the zones that the truck crosses. If it picks up and delivers in the same zone, timeframes are shorter. Returning the signed contract and payment as quickly as possible will help keep the delivery timeframe on schedule.

Don’t forget to reserve a spot early if you’re shipping your motorcycle to a rally! Rallies are popular shipping venues and our trucks fill up quickly during these times.

Driver of the month for October - Jerry M.This month, learn more about Jerry M., our Featured Driver of the Month for October. From riding unicycles to great restaurant recommendations in the southwest, find out more about Jerry. Thanks for your great service, Jerry!

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Motorcycle Halloween costumes for kids and dogsWell, dress them up like a biker, of course.  It’s getting to be that time of the year again where the little ones are deciding what to be for Halloween. We have a few biker-inspired Halloween costume ideas. They may not be old enough to hop on a bike of their own but they can now at least look the part.

Officially licensed Harley-Davidson costumes

Costumes are available for both boys and girls, proudly displaying the Harley-Davidson logo and will make them look ready to hop on their own hog.

Harley Davidson Costume – Boy

Harley Davidson Costume – Girl

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dress Up Kit

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Child’s Jacket

Bad Boy Biker

The muscles, the leather, the tattoos, the spikes…..tough and scary that just screams “give me some candy, or else”.

Metal Skull Biker Child

Macho Biker Child

Biker Bad Boy Child Motorcycle Costume

Don’t Forget the Dog

And let’s not leave out the family pet. They will now be ready to hit the open road with a motorcycle look designed just for them. These costumes prove that it can be cool to dress up your dog.

Biker Dog

Motorcycle Biker Dog Costume

50s Dog T-Bird Pet Costume

Once you dress up your little ones, post their pics on our Facebook page!

Motorcycle riding in the fallShorter days, longer shadows, cooler temperatures…..it’s autumn.  Fall offers some great reasons to get out and ride:

It’s a great time to check out the scenery – Fall provides an amazing palette with the turning leaves. Some of the best roads to ride are often in areas where there are a lot of hills and trees that are the perfect canvas for autumn colors. Nature’s artwork is often best viewed from a motorcycle.

You can take advantage of the cooler temperatures – Cool, crisp air is very refreshing this time of year.  Riding temperatures can be so much more comfortable than in the summer heat.  There is something about the smell of the falling leaves that makes it so inviting to be outdoors.

You can truly justify wearing leather – Leather looks cool. And milder temperatures make it much more comfortable to wear.  So strap on the chaps, pull on the leather gloves, and don your toughest-looking leather jacket.  You’ll be comfortable and look sharp.  And of course, not to mention the added safety benefits of wearing leather.

You can grab a a last chance to ride – For those that live in parts of the country that don’t get to experience warm climates all year round, fall is the last chance for riding before it’s time for the bike to hibernate for the long winter. All those roads you still want to hit, all those buddies you still want to do a ride with……..do it now.  It could be snowing soon.

5 Tips for Fall Riding:

  1. Check the weather forecast – the weather can turn quickly this time of year, so be prepared and pack the rain gear
  2. Appropriate clothing – to stay warm and comfortable you may need gloves and a jacket
  3. Watch for wet leaves – wet leaves are slippery so be cautious of the road conditions
  4. Deer can be more active in the autumn – always be on the lookout for wildlife
  5. Check out our website for a listing of upcoming fall rides – see our motorcycle rally events page

Where are you heading to this fall?

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Thanks for driving for us, Morgan.

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