If you’re considering motorcycle trailer rental for a trip to Daytona, Sturgis or Arizona Bike Week, you owe it to yourself to consider all the alternatives.


Of course we’d all love to see some big, shiny chrome gifts under the tree this year (or in the driveway, at least), but let’s face it, Santa’s on a budget and there are some people you’d like to recognize, but not necessarily break the bank on. So we’ve compiled a handy little list of motorcycle “stocking stuffers” that all come in at under $50, and if you jam them in right, will fit in a stocking!

1. Wrap around sunglasses. Every rider will appreciate a nice dark pair of shades for a sunny ride.
2. Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia. Got someone on your list who really needs to know more #%$# about motorcycles? Help them study up with this.
3. Riding Gloves. Everyone could use a spare pair of great gloves, and these super soft elkskin ones will bring a smile to their face.
4. Waiting by the side of the road to fix a flat is no rider’s idea of a good time. Why not add this handy little compressor to your best buddy’s gear kit?
5. The rider in your life will love a shiny new can of S100 Motorcycle Cleaner – guaranteed to remove bugs, tar and other road grime.
6. Here’s a gift guaranteed to get a laugh, and as a bonus, you’ll never pick up the wrong helmet.
7. And of course, Santa can always bring chocolate!
8. What rider wouldn’t appreciate you thinking about his butt comfort? Stuff that stocking with a nice tube of Motorcyclists Butt Waxx  to keep chafing at bay.

If you DO have a special someone you’d like to go all out for, why not plan the trip of a lifetime and include a gift certificate for motorcycle shipping? HaulBikes makes it easy!

ESRGetting out on your bike may be your way to disconnect from the online world. But that doesn’t mean a few apps aren’t helpful on occasion to get you where you want to go. Many riders make use of the big map programs, like MapQuest, or may look to Yelp for restaurants. But if you’re looking for something motorcycle-specific, check these out!

Eat Sleep Ride (IPhone and Android) This slick app lets you record your ride and share your route and provides a cool dashboard that tracks mileage, speed, lean angle and elevation. And if anything goes wrong, it has a (paid) feature called Crashlight that can detect a crash and send notifications to three pre-set contacts with the rider’s last known geographical location by text message, automated phone call or email.

Greatest Road (IPhone)
Post any ride to Facebook with one click, vote down the bad rides, and see ratings by other bikers. You can also add comments and make your own routes.

Best Biking Roads  (IPhone and Android)
If you’re looking for the best biking roads near home, or you’re on a trip and want to find great motorcycling roads, the BestBikingRoads app is the latest extension of the web’s largest motorcycle touring resource. Get insights from 19371 motorcyclists from all over the world who have added their favourite roads and reviewed those of others.

Motorcycle Maps US (IPhone and Android)
Word of mouth is always the best way to find new restaurants and places to stay, and Motorcycle Maps US recommendations are based solely on the experience of riders. Each map route is graded from scenic to advanced, with rider-recommended businesses indicated along the way.

Motorcycle Minder (IPhone)
This is an app for managing all your motorcycle maintenance needs and for logging repairs. You can keep track of multiple bikes or cars, services, repairs and modification, and never again worry about remembering when you need to change the oil or the air filter.

iStock_000007937610XSmallHey, it’s August, so all we want to do is go to the beach. Which got us thinking about the best ways to combine biking and beaches, without getting too much sand in our spokes. Here’s our list of five of the best beachy ways to enjoy the motorcycle life.

1. Get to a beach rally. If you want to go big, make it a rally vacation.Check out the Myrtle Beach Bike Week and Thunder Beach Rally, or the Panama City Beach Rally. Ride in paradise and party with your friends. These great rallies are right on the ocean, so you can wash the road dust off while your bike’s on the boardwalk.

2. Take in a beach race. No, really…apparently in LeTouquet, France, thousands of motorcycles line up on a sandy beach. Even professional racers have a tough time navigating this steep, narrow hill with deep sand. It must be a sight to see – the race attracts 300,000 spectators in early February.

3. Camp on the Beach. Want a little more peace and quiet on your beach? Try this list of motorcycle-friendly campgrounds. Just point yourself towards your favorite beaches (don’t forget inland lakes – we’re partial to the Michigan side of Lake Michigan) and find yourself a little piece of paradise.

4. Take in a show. Vintage bikes and the beach are available at the Dania Beach Vintage Bike Show – just south of Fort Lauderdale. See lots of mint vintage bikes, live music, vendors and more.

5. Picnic in style. Stopping for food may not be the most exciting part of your ride, but you can’t deny a picnic on the beach has its appeal. We’re pretty sure you’re not about to strap a picnic basket on the back of your ride, but why not give this insulated backpack a try?

Ready to chuck it all and finally move to the beach? Get your baby there safely — give HaulBikes motorcycle moving service a call!

thunderstorm-6There always seems to be some some epic weather disaster happening somewhere these days. But since you’re not going let a little weather interfere with your riding plans, are you prepared to handle what Mama Nature sends your way?

Since our readers are from all over, and we ship motorcycles everywhere, we found a few tips for you  on getting through some extreme situations unscathed.

Flooded roads: Floods are arguably the most dangerous weather hazard out there. If you happen upon a flooded road on your bike, STOP. If a car ahead of you drives through and you see the water won’t go over your wheel rims, you may be able to negotiate it in low gear. Otherwise, find another way around or risk serious damage to you and your bike.

Thunderstorms: If you let the chance of a thunderstorm stop you, you might never get a ride in in the summer. Keep good rain gear handy and you can probably ride through most of them. However, when the forecast says SEVERE, think twice – blinding rain, hail and wind will endanger even the best riders.

Tornadoes: Tornado warning? Find shelter – and NOT in an overpass. According to the Kansas Weather Service, you are more likely to be killed or injured in an overpass than you are out in the open. If you have no other choice, and can’t change your path, head for the lowest possible area (in a ditch or a below-grade culvert), and lie flat. Never attempt to outrun a tornado in a vehicle.

Dust storm.  Riders in the Southwest have seen these increasing over the past few years. If you should be on your bike when a “haboob” is on the horizon, do not try to ride through it. Pull off to the side of the road and turn off your lights, and wait until the storm passes – usually in just a few minutes.

easyriderIt may be summer, but you’re going to need a little downtime sometime. So for those few days you’re not riding, why not indulge in some of the best motorcycle movies ever made? Have you seen them all? Here’s the top 10, according to our Facebook fans:

 10. Mad Max. (1979) An Australian dystopic action film, starring the not-yet-famous Mel Gibson. Motorcycle gangs have taken over, so Mad Max is put on the job.

 9. On Any Sunday (1971) A documentary following the lives of motorcycle racers and enthusiasts, showcasing the unique talents needed for each kind of racing.

 8. Hell’s Angels ’69 (1969) Two brothers have a plan to rob Caesar’s Palace – and they do it by joining a Hell’s Angel’s gang.

 7. The Born Losers (1967). Veteran Billy Jack takes on the vicious Born Losers motorcycle gang.

6. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Among the many pleasures of this movie are Batman and Catwoman on some seriously tricked-out bikes.

 5. Electra Glide in Blue (1973) Starring Robert Blake as a motorcycle cop and Billy “Green” Bush as his partner. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide motorcycles were often issued to traffic cops.

 4. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005) The life story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years building a 1920 Indian motorcycle, which helped him set the land-speed world record at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats in 1967.

3. Terminator II (1991) Arnold was made to play a robotic assassin from the future. By the way, “I need your clothes, your boots and your mote-ah-cycle.”

 2. The Great Escape (1963) Allied POWs plan a huge escape from a German camp during World War II.

 1. Easy Rider (1969) The clear winner was the flick that has inspired generations of riders, where Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda road trip to find America.


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drivers wanted

Maybe it’s the roar of 100 – or 1000 engines on the road together, or maybe it’s the fun of seeing people you know week after week, but being part of a motorcycle club is, for many, a vital part of the motorcycle lifestyle experience. If you’re not in one, or you’re just looking to expand your social circles, here are a few ways to get started.

TV and movies like to make motorcycle gangs seem scary and criminal, and no doubt there are a few bad apples out there. But 99% of motorcycle groups are committed to good clean fun. That being said, if your club of choice sports 1% patches, we sincerely hope you have a fast bike and a good lawyer.

Brand Clubs. This may be the easiest place to start – whether it’s the legendary HOG (Harley Owner’s Group),  Triumph or BMW, these big brands have chapters all over the world. Check your brand’s website for details on when and where to meet up with other riders who share your passion for your make and model. Your local dealer may also sponsor events and get-togethers with others who ride your ride.

Vintage Clubs.  If your brand club doesn’t appreciate the joys and challenges of riding and maintaining a vintage bike, check out the Antique Motorcycle Club of America  or the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. These clubs have events and online forums where you can get and give advice about your piece of history.

Social Causes. There are also clubs that rally around specific causes. While it’s not unusual for a local club to sponsor a ride for charity, there are also clubs that are dedicated to donations, such as Steel Thunder, the Blue Knights (law enforcement)  and Warrior Bikers 4 Charity.

Special Interest. You can also ride with like-minded women in the Women in the Wind MC, keep it safe and sober with the Association of Recovering Motorcyclists,  provide escorts for fallen veterans with the Patriot Guard Riders, or even spread the word of God with Bikers for Christ.

With all these options, there’s no reason you can’t find a club who’ll have you as a member. And if you ever want to get all your new friends together and ship a truckload of bikes to that big national rally, you know who to call for motorcycle shipping for motorcycle clubs. We even have special motorcycle shipping discounts when you book a whole truckload!

Miles from home, miles of good road under your wheels. Thoughts turn from the scenery to …FOOD. What’s the favorite destination? According to our highly scientific* Facebook poll, BBQ wins the day. Burgers came in a close second. One of our commenters specified that the BBQ MUST be local to the area (we agree!)

SO, what are some of the favorite places to combine a bike obsession with a BBQ destination?

Kundlas Western BBQ, Hamlin PA  No need to go indoors, you can smell this place a mile away with their outdoor BBQ pit, cafeteria-style serving and picnic-tables-under-a-tent. Watch the BBQ masters work on beef ribs, chicken and creamy cole slaw. Bring cash and bring plenty of time – on weekends, you’ll wait in line during dinner hours!

Bikes Blues and BBQ One meal not enough for you? Then you need to make a weekend of it in Fayetteville, AR. Hundreds of BBQ vendors, a BBQ contest, Bikes, Blues & BBQ is the largest non-profit, family-friendly motorcycle rally in the United States dedicated to raising money for local charities. Ride, eat and jam, all for a good cause.

Elbow Inn & BBQ Pit St. Roberts, MO . This one is for you Route 66 travelers – a little out of the way, but tops in atmosphere and food. Try the pulled pork, brisket or rack of ribs with thick sweet sauce. And ladies…you may want to pack some extra undergarments…apparently there is a tradition here of leaving your bra hanging from the ceiling. How could this place NOT be fantastic?

Hawg Pit Grafton IL One look at the Hawg Pit’s website and you’ll know they don’t just like bikers – they LOVE bikers. Open March through December, Hawg Pit was voted Best BBQ, Best Hot Wings, and Best Biker Bar in the Riverbend. Specialty item? Wide Glide Hawg Shoe: Texas Toast and pulled pork served over fries, and smothered with cheese.

Mac’s Speed Shop We couldn’t let a BBQ discussion go without a shout out to North Carolina. Pull up to your reserved motorcycle parking area,  listen to an open-air local band, dig into some tender brisket and enjoy the huge beer selection.

*not really

Where are YOUR favorite BBQ destinations? Tell us about them on our Facebook page and we’ll try to feature them in upcoming editions.

 Q & A

How Long Does Motorcycle Transport Take?

To keep shipping a motorcycle affordable for you, we pool as many motorcycles as we can on a truck during our cross country runs. Our trucks depart frequently with normal shipping deliveries running around 28 days from the time the order is booked or time the bike is ready (whichever applies). The truck’s total delivery time (and essentially your bike’s pick up time) depends on the zones that the truck crosses. If it picks up and delivers in the same zone, timeframes are shorter. Don’t forget to reserve a spot early for a motorcycle rally! Rallies are popular shipping venues and our trucks fill up quickly during these times.


newyearWelcome to 2013 everyone! We’re already up to here in all those lame resolutions to stop smoking and lose weight…what we want to do is have more FUN in the new year – and it all has to do with motorcycle rallies.

  1. Go early and stay late. Don’t you hate getting to a rally and hearing “you should have been here last night” or having to say “I have to leave early to get to work”? Resolve this year to make the time to enjoy every minute. (You know what’s a good way to get the most out of a rally? Shipping a motorcycle, of course!)
  2. Meet at least 10 new people. Some of the best friendships can be made with people who share your love of bikes. Resolve to walk away with ten new phone numbers (or Facebook friends) at your next event.
  3. Get all maintenance done well in advance. Nothing is more boring than being flat broke at a rally. Resolve to get your bike in top working condition a few months prior so you’re not hit with unexpected bills at the last minute.
  4. Pick a major headliner. Resolve this year to see the band you’ve always wanted to see. Get tickets, get there early, and enjoy every minute.
  5. Do something entirely new and different. Heading to South Dakota this year? Always think you’d make a great reality show star? You need to check out the Full Throttle Saloon reality show taping at Sturgis.
  6. Make History. Another resolution for Sturgis.  Leave your mark behind by buying a brick for the main drag. Someday it’ll give you a reason to return.
  7. Play a game. Never participated in a rally game or poker run? Make 2013 the year to try something new. At Daytona Bike Week, you could be in a treasure hunt.
  8. Plan well ahead. Get your lodging booked or your campsite reserved as soon as you think you’re going. Last minute accommodations are NOT going to be nearly as convenient or affordable.
  9. Get completely wild. Think your last rally was crazy? Why not resolve to step it up a notch this year and try out the “Wildest Bike Rally in the Country”  – bamabikefest.com. You’ll have to check out the website for more details…we’ll just leave it at “topless hula hoop contest.”
  10. Get to one not within riding distance.  Make this the year you’ll never forget by getting to that faraway rally you’ve always wanted to attend. Ship your bike with HaulBikes!

Maybe it’s just us, but we can’t get enough of Santa on a bike.  Not to mention the thought of that sleigh towed by eight massive Hogs, instead of tiny reindeer. So this month we decided to highlight a few of the most creative ways that jolly old elf has visited all you naughty (and nice) boys and girls.

1. Full of Hot Air.


This is a popular one in our neck of the woods. Santa lighting up the yard, and tearing up the grass (or snow) in your neighborhood. We especially like the sunglasses.

2. Up Close and In Person

motorcycle santa

How would you like Santa to roar up to your house with a sack full of goodies for your special event? Or even better, what about having Santa RIDE UP on the bike you’re giving for a gift? Blow your mind yet? If you live in the Dallas area, just call on Motorcycle Santa and Motorcycle Momma.  These folks bring the Christmas and motorcycle spirit to life.

3. All Lit Up.

santa harley4

Here’s a spectacular Harley-reindeer towing a Santa’s sleigh in style. Notice the details of Rudolph’s lighted nose. Sure to be the highlight of the parade.

4. On Parade.


The only thing better than one Santa is unlimited Santas. Santas for everyone!

5. Redneck Santa.


This one may be our all-time favorite Santa ever. OK, not technically a motorcycle Santa…but maybe you can build one into your front yard display next year and send us a picture. Please?

Do you have a favorite motorcycle Santa photo? Post it on our Facebook page! Or let us play Santa any time of the year and let us ship a motorcycle wherever you need it to go.

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