Shipping a Motorcycle on Ebay

Got a motorcycle that you don’t ride anymore or thinking about an upgrade to a new make or model? Thinking about trying eBay selling? Selling a motorcycle or ATV on eBay can be a great way to expand your options and find the perfect buyer for your bike.

With the new site dedicated entirely to buying and selling vehicles, eBay motors, eBay selling has never been easier. And since eBay has over 10 million shoppers every month, you will definitely want to consider this option.

What you will need to begin eBay selling:
• A credit or debit card
• A checking account number
• A digital camera (or 35 mm camera and scanner)
• An email account
• Funds (sellers fees – these can be a flat rate or a percentage of the sale)
• Vehicle history report (if available)
• VIN #
• Description of the vehicle, make/model, color, special features or aftermarket additions

How to register
To sell on eBay Motors, you must register as an eBay member and set up a seller’s account. Even if you’ve purchased something on eBay before, you still need to register separately as an eBay seller. You’ll be required to enter a credit or debit card and checking account numbers through a secure Internet connection. You will also set up a user ID and password which protects your account information from being accessed.

Gathering information and creating your ad
Ebay Motors provides a helpful eBay selling checklist.Use this checklist to gather information prior to placing your ad. A detailed description will save you time and questions from potential buyers.

Note: make sure you provide an accurate and honest record of the vehicle’s history. Disclosing any issues to the buyer makes for a better sale. Besides, you don’t want your eBay selling status to be jeopardized by failing to disclose information on a vehicle. Buyers place high importance on an eBay seller’s ranking and feedback from other buyers.

Price and selling strategy
Do your homework before posting your ad to make sure you have the right price and selling strategy.

In order to find a good price for your bike, you should start by looking at other ads for comparable vehicles. Then do a search on Kelly Blue Book. The level of risk you’re willing to take and the amount of money you want (or need) to make will determine your selling strategy. If you have a minimum you will accept for the bike, you may want to want to do a “reserve auction.” Or you could do a “no-reserve auction,” which means the highest bid above your opening bid wins. Ebay also offers a “buy-it-now” option that lets a buyer get the bike for a set price before any bidding begins. More information on these options is available on eBay Motors.

According to eBay Motors, generally items listed with good photos receive more bids and sell for higher prices than those with poor quality photos. Take many photos of your bike. Consider paying extra for additional photos. Even with a good description, quality photos will be your strongest sales tool.

Shipping a Motorcycle on Ebay
Include your shipping requirements in your terms and conditions. Most eBay sellers require the buyer to pay for shipping and make the shipping arrangements. However, researching shipping costs and including a link to a qualified shipper is a great way to boost your sales. only ships motorcycles and ATV’s. We’ll ship your bike with the battery connected and fluids intact. Including this information in your ad will help a new buyer feel comfortable with the process of purchasing and shipping a motorcycle.

Include the link to our zone route map in your ad so the buyer can immediately know the additional cost of shipping before they bid: Zonemap And for a visual, you can include the Daily Direct – Haul Bikes banner to show potential buyers that you have researched shipping methods for them. 

View more tips for buying and selling on the Internet with sites like eBay Motors.

To learn more tips about shipping a motorcycle you bought or sold on eBay selling on eBay Motors or to set up an account, visit their tips and advice page.

Source: eBay Motors.  For more information on eBay selling, visit

Shipping a Motorcycle Bought at Auction

If you’re into older motorcycles, then there’s nothing more entertaining than scouring the rows of bikes on a quest to find the best of the best at MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction. From perfect-looking John Player Nortons to vintage Triumph SpeedTwins to Royal Enfield Bullets, the machines on display at MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction are always the cream of the crop, meticulously judged on things that matter, like period-correctness, attention to detail and overall aesthetics, among others. For most cycle enthusiasts, though, the real treat is just walking around such nice old bikes, picking out details and appreciating that the past can still come alive today.

Bikes from the ’60s and earlier can be very beautiful and rewarding, but they can also be fragile and temperamental. Never buy a vintage bike on a whim. First, do your research. Bargains are rare, and a cheap vintage bike is probably missing a lot of key parts. And be honest about your abilities and enthusiasm for upkeep. Don’t get a vintage bike with the expectation of using it for daily commuting, unless you’re a highly skilled mechanic.

Once you get a feel for what you want, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to bid on over 500 dream vintage bikes at one of the upcoming spectacular events:

Mecum MidAmerica Auction in Las Vegas, Nevada
Try your luck “Vegas style” and bid on the vintage bike of your choice at the Vegas MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction held every year in Las Vegas.

Or check out the Harrisburg Motorcycle Auction in Harrisburg PA at the end of July

And when you win your bid at the auctions, then you’ll want to call the official transporter for all Mecum MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auctions, HaulBikes Motorcycle Transport at 1-888-HAULBIKES, to ship your dream purchase back home.

Shipping a Motorcycle Bought at Auction

Whether you’re auctioning off your own beloved vintage cycle, or you’re bidding and buying your own vintage dream bike, HaulBikes takes care of the rest with motorcycle shipping experts who treat your classic bike like their very own. HaulBikes offers:

• Veteran drivers who are motorcycle riders themselves and know how to handle bikes
• A special strapping system specifically designed for motorcycle transportation
• Enclosed trailers to keep your bike secure from weather to and from any Mecum MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auctions
• A rate that includes insurance
• References and testimonials from other satisfied customers
• Delivery of a ready-to-go product with fluids intact and battery connected

HaulBikes will warehouse your bike in an insured, climate controlled facility between transportation movements from check-in to checkout at any Mecum MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction. For more questions on shipping a motorcycle bought at auction, learn more about shipping your vintage bike purchase home with the official transporters of the auction and the people who the experts rely on to ship their bikes, such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, and Buell – HaulBikes.

If you’re into ATV riding, then there’s nothing more exciting than scouring the Internet and trade magazines on a hunt to buy ATVs and find just the right quad for that prized spot you’ve got marked out in your garage. Or if you’ve already got your own, then of course you’ve just got to buy ATVs and have at least one more to spare so that you’ve got an extra for your buddy, your wife or kids. And if you’re like the rest of us, money is tight with price just as important as finding the right model or style. So what do you do? Buying used is often a great way to go especially if you just want to have a spare. And the net is full of deals; you just have to locate them. Here’s what you should look for when buying a used quad to be sure you are getting the best machine possible for your hard-earned cash.

For tips to buy ATVs, use our ATV checklist:

  • When you go to look at a used quad, take a knowledgeable buddy along, especially if you’re new to the sport. Making sure the right questions are asked could save you from some serious unwanted surprises after you get your 4-wheeler home. If the owner is reputable and stands behind the sale, he or she won’t mind. And if they put up a fuss, walk away!
  • Have a friend or the owner help you raise the ATV up and stand it on the rear grab bar to allow you to walk around and inspect the undercarriage for any serious dents or damage. Remember, you’re buying a used machine, so although you want a good-looking machine, your real goal is to save some bucks yet still get a quality machine. Look past scratches and dings and appreciate the machine for what it should be – a used, clean and smooth running quad that’s got some logged trail riding under its tires to add just the right character to your new purchase.
  • Inspect the frame, shock mounts, and other components. Check for signs of stress by looking closely for any cracks or bulges that might require welding or parts replacement. Check or even remove the front and rear differential inspection plugs and be alert for any signs of contaminated engine oil or damage to the bearings.
  • Be aware of rust! Use a flashlight and look and feel for signs of rust, especially on the gas tank. If there’s rust, you can be sure there’s going to be repair and you don’t want any surprise costs after you’ve got your machine home.
  • Remove the seat and inspect the air box and filter for signs of water collection and damage. Water collection can cause damage to the engine – or even worse, cause your 4-wheeler to be dead on its wheels in a remote location.
  • Sit on the machine and work the handlebars. Make sure there isn’t damage to the rod irons. Then start it up, working the on and off switch. Move the tires. Listen to the engine. Turn the lights and have your buddy check the headlights, taillights, direction lights. Check the exhaust area and double-check for a spark arrester.
  • Ride the machine!
  • These are just a few tips that will ensure you’re getting the best buy for your money, and you’re careful to buy ATVs that aren’t a purchase that was too good to be true.

First buy ATVs and then ship your ATV home in style
Once you’re found that perfect quad, Daily Direct/Haul Bikes takes care of the rest with ATV shipping experts who treat your purchase like it was their very own. Haul Bikes offers:

  • Veteran drivers who are riders themselves and know how to handle ATVs
  • A special strapping system specifically designed for motorized sport vehicles
  • Enclosed trailers to keep your ATV secure from inclement weather
  • A rate that includes insurance
  • References and testimonials from other satisfied customers
  • Delivery of a ready-to-go product with fluids intact and battery connected

Get a free instant quote online now


Daily Direct-HaulBikes recently announced its decision to team with eBay® Motors so that shoppers will have immediate access to shipping services directly from the eBay® ( website. Now, eBay® users shopping for a motorcycle, ATV, or jet ski can get an immediate and accurate estimate to ship their new motorsports vehicle purchase.

“We move motorcycles to more and more places across the United States everyday – moving bikes is who we are – it’s what we do. And we’re always looking for a great partner to make our dependable shipping business even better for our customers,” says Ken Durik, owner of Daily Direct-HaulBikes.

To access the estimate on eBay Motors®, users click the “shipping” tab on the seller’s description page for a “quick quote.” Visitors also can request an immediate “custom quote” to incorporate additional services to their shipment. There are no fees to request an estimate for custom shipping a bike anywhere in the 48 states.


When a visitor to the eBay Motors® website completes a motorcycle or motorized sport vehicle purchase transaction through the online order processing on the website, HaulBikes will process the order for shipping, ship the vehicle and handle the customer service. It’s that simple. And eBay® users can be assured they are shipping with a leader in motorcycle transportation. Daily Direct-HaulBikes offers customers:

  • Nationwide pickup and delivery of your motorcycles.
  • Door-to-door service option – whether a residence, business, resort or hotel.
  • Tracking of your shipment in real-time 24 hours a day through PeopleNet’s GPS system, which allows HaulBikes drivers to have highly accurate directions and routes, eliminating out-of-route mileage and reducing fuel consumption.
  • No need to crate or palletize the vehicle. Secure, dry, enclosed trailers ensure bikes arrive ready to ride.
  • Daily Direct is at the forefront of innovation in motorcycle shipping, offering a special soft-tie strapping system designed for motorsports vehicles, enclosed trailers, a climate-controlled warehouse for storage of transfers and drivers who ride motorcycles themselves.

Ready to shop on eBay® now?

Type in your search words in the eBay® box on the right-hand side of our website which will automatically take you to your requested search on eBay!

At motorcycle rallies, the fun doesn’t end when the day’s ride is done. If you’re getting together with your local club or attend one of the big national rallies, here are a few of the games you might see.

1. Treasure Hunts. Often done in conjunction with a local Chamber of Commerce, treasure hunts send bikers all over a certain area to pick up prizes or coupons from area businesses. A great way to get to know out-of-the way places and get some great deals along the way.
2. Poker Run. Riders “race” to five to seven area checkpoints, picking a card along the way. Prizes are given for best and worst hand at the end of the race. Some poker runs will spice things up with little surprises at each stop, ranging from snacks to bikini models.
3. Slow Race. Want to test your skill and balance? Many rallies will challenge you to a slow race, where the riders will “race” across a parking lot to cross a finish line. Whoever gets there last, without touching a foot down, wins.
4. Two-by-Six Race. Riders compete to see who can ride the farthest down end-to-end 2×6 boards without falling off. Courses are usually set up with 4-6 sixteen-foot boards.
5. Pole-in-the-Hole. Have dreams of knighthood? Then hop on your iron horse, arm your passenger with a pool cue, and attempt to run the cue through a suspended hoop.
6. Beer barrel race. What to do with all those empty kegs? Attempt to push them 30 yards using only your front tire. First one across the finish line wins.
What’s your favorite motorcycle game? Let us know on our Facebook page.poleinthehole

As bikers, we may find weekends spent with chrome and asphalt more relaxing than a day doing yard work, but why not make the best of all your time outdoors by combining the two? There’s plenty of creative ways to bring your love for the road into your back yard.

1. How about a motorcycle gnome? C’mon, you know everyone will slow down to admire this little guy.
2. If he’s not cute enough for you, how about these two? Their names are Gnoschitt and Gnofun, if that changes your mind.
3. Want to plant something hot? You can plant Biker Billy spicy hot jalapenos to get Harley-Davidson enthusiast Billy’s favorites in your garden.
4. Then, you could get really crazy and plant your hot peppers in this biker boot planter.
5. Got spare parts? You could make yourself a garden sculpture like this. Got spare money? You could buy one. It’s ART.
6. Is the weather good enough to ride? Keep an eye on it with this biker weather vane.
7. Sure, those little remotes are easy when you’re in a car. But how do you get it open when you’re on your bike? Specially-designed  Motorcycle garage door openers
8. If you, or the lady in your life wants a totally maintenance free garden option, how about keeping your flowers to this helmet?

What have you done to celebrate the biker life in your backyard? Share it on our Facebook page, and always remember Haul Bikes if you need to transport a motorcycle.

Motorcycle shipping.


Bikers and tattoos go together like grease and chains, and since it seems like we’re finally able to show some skin to the sun again after our long winter, we thought we’d give you some inspiration for your next great work of body art.

1. Choose your artist carefully. A great place to start is asking your friends. Even established shops might have beginner artists – make sure you’re seeing pictures of your artist’s actual work.

2. Don’t make a rash decision. Be a grown-up. Very few people DON’T regret that late-night vacation tat. Or at very least, don’t get it on your face.

3. Don’t be afraid to collaborate. You’ll be living with the artwork for a long time. If the preliminary sketch doesn’t look just how you want it the first time, get a revision.

4. Go in relaxed. Bring some headphones to listen to music. Tell your artist you need a break if you feel dizzy or faint, or if the pain is getting to you.

5. Choose a location. Rule of thumb: flesh hurts less, bone hurts more. Still want that elbow artwork?

6. Should you tip? Advice is all over the board on this one, but industry standard is tipping the same as another service professional, 15-20%

Rallies are great places to check out, or display, every kind of body art. If you want to motorcycle to meet you there, you know the motorcycle shippers to call!

Truck Driving Owner Operator Jobs

Opportunities at HaulBikes/Daily Direct

drivers wanted 2013plainIf you’ve got your own rig, you know how important the right partnership is. How does a great schedule, great pay, fantastic customers and the opportunity to work with motorcycles and motorcycle riders every day sound?

That’s what’s available when you look for truck driving owner operator jobs at HaulBikes. In 2014, we’re growing the size of our fleet, and we’re looking for the best owner-operators on the road.

In addition to a safe driving record, we’re looking for guys and gals who speak motorcycle fluently. Our customers entrust one of their most prized possession to our drivers, and we need truck driving owner operators who understand the importance and care needed to transport, load and unload these fantastic machines.

The base requirement for truck driving owner operator jobs at HaulBikes are as follows:

Be at least 23 years of age.
Have a clean MVR.
Have a minimum of two years OTR all-weather driving experience.
Have a tandem axle sleeper tractor, able to pass D.O.T. and company inspection. (5 years old or newer preferred)
Have a wet line kit (one can be installed & paid through settlement deduction).
Have a copy of paid and current 2290.

For a complete list of truck driving owner operator jobs requirements, click here.

For more information on truck driving owner operator jobs, visit our employment page.

At HaulBikes we haul motorcycles exclusively and specialize in manufacturer, corporate and auction house transportation, national and dealership events, custom trips and tours, shipment of Internet motorcycle purchases, and personalized, door-to-door, zone route pick-up and delivery. We hope that you can join our team!

rallyguyRally Season is HERE! Is this the year you’re finally taking the leap and going to the rally you’ve always dreamed of? Every rally is a little bit different, so here’s HaulBikes’ guide to finding one that fits for you.

  1. If you can only go to one. The great Granddaddy of them all, is, of course, Sturgis. If you’re making a rally a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Sturgis is legendary. Held in the Black Hills of South Dakota the first full week in August, Sturgis hosts nearly a half-million riders, and with nearly 75 years to get it right, you can expect a welcoming and well-organized event.
  2. If you want a naughty, adults only atmosphere. Bama Bike Fest  is held THREE times a year, (March, June and October). This group takes their partying seriously – but one hard and fast rule is that you do need to wear clothes in the bar.
  3. If you want convenient and warm weather. It’s hard to beat Daytona Bike Week the first week in March. , and it’s especially nice for those in warmer climates itching for a ride in the midwinter. (An added bonus is you won’t miss your bike so much – as you would in the summer – if you ship your motorcycle to meet there.) Arguably larger than Sturgis, it’s easily reachable by air.
  4. If you’re all about scenery and history. Laconia Motorcycle Week has been gathering in June since 1923. Laconia has the distinction of celebrating the gorgeous New Hampshire roads, including a “Ride to the Sky” – an early morning climb to the highest peak in the Northeast (Mt. Washington, 6288 ft.) Then gather with your friends for nightly music and socializing.
  5. If you’re feeling the Harley-Davidson Love. Milwaukee is the home of Harley-Davidson, and while all makes are welcome, Harley-Davidson riders at this rally will especially feel the love. Free, and right on the lake, the Milwaukee Rally runs for five days over Labor Day weekend.
  6. If you want more than just motorcycles. Americade – a little smaller than the big name rallies, Americade is big enough (100,000 riders) to really be fun, but small enough to offer tons of off-bike activities (rodeos, comedy shows and boat cruises) if you don’t want to spend every minute on your bike. Held the first full week in June in the Lake George region in upstate New York.

Rally of your dreams too far away to ride? Not enough vacation time to ride there? Don’t worry, HaulBikes can ship your motorcycle to any rally in the (contiguous) USA.

iStock_000007937610XSmallIf you’re spending this winter regretting not booking a trip somewhere warm (like we are), you may have vowed “never again” and started looking at trips for 2015. So we’ll help you out and get some recommendations on some of the best places to feel the wind in your hair if your bike’s in cold storage for the winter.

Lake Pleasant and Castle Hot Springs, AZ – You really can’t go wrong with Arizona in January, with temps in the mid-70s and little precipitation, it’s an ideal time to visit the desert. Leave the interstate and wind up exit 103 through ghost towns, abandoned mines, and onto dirt roads to Lake Pleasant.  It’s just one of many pleasant day trips from Phoenix, which is an easy stop for a fly-and-ride vacation. Or, plan to hit Arizona Bike Week in late March/early April, if you can wait that long.

While we’re dreaming, how about Hawaii? Now, we can’t ship your bike there, but you can rent one from one of the many providers .  On the Big Island, you can wind your way past botanical gardens, up the slope of a volcano, and past spectacular waterfalls. That sounds like a winter vacation we can get behind.

Of course Florida has to be on your list of warm weather destinations. Why not ship your bike to Naples and head out on a Florida Keys adventure? Try a Naples to Key West  route or a scenic wildlife adventure on the Tamiami trail. You can even make a side trip into Everglades National Park for some gator-hunting, and spend some relaxed afternoons in the many charms of Key West, the southernmost part of the USA.

Up for a challenge on your warm-weather getaway? Head to San Diego, pick up your bike, and set out on the Palomar Mountain Loop. It’s rated as the most technical ride in Southern California, so you’ll need to keep your eye on the road, but even with its mountain elevations, the average high in January is 66 degrees, so it should be pleasant when you pull over to enjoy the mountain vistas and lush forests.

South Texas. Meet your bike in Austin or San Antonio and head out to the good ol’ Texas Hill Country. You’ll ride past a  refreshing and surprising collection of oak covered hills, spring-fed rivers, crystal clear lakes, impressive limestone cliffs, and acres of colorful wildflowers. Because of its shade-protected valleys, you’ll find sites as GIANT cypress trees and Maple tree groves that you just wouldn’t expect to find in Texas. Average temperature in January and February are mid-sixties to seventies.


When you’re planning a destination getaway, why not ship a motorcycle and meet it there? HaulBikes Motorcycle Shipping will baby your bike!

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