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Thanks to the Internet and websites, such as eBay motorcycles, motorcycle buyers have multiple options and prices to choose from. But it doesn’t come without risks. Chances are you’ll never physically meet the seller of the motorcycle. So when it comes to buying on the Internet, buyers who purchase on sites like eBay motorcycles should take their time and use caution.

Here are several tips to keep in mind when you purchase eBay motorcycles over the Internet to help protect yourself:

Tip #1: Get a third party involved.

Find a local motorcycle dealer in the area from where you are going to purchase the bike. Call and ask if they would work as a liaison in your purchase. Since it’s unlikely that you will be able to see the bike yourself, it is an advantage to have an unbiased third party check over the bike, its title and to handle the details of the sale and paperwork. Normally most cycle shops will be happy to do this for you, and the fee is usually under $50.

IMPORTANT: Daily Direct does not handle any part of your purchase transaction. Our job is to pick up your motorcycle and transport it to you. Make sure you are aware of any scratches, dings, dents or broken parts before you buy the bike. When we pick up the motorcycle, we will fill out a form noting any problem areas on the bike. You should be aware of these problems prior to the sale to avoid conflict.For payment options, you may consider using an escrow service such as ESCROW.COM to protect yourself on payment of your motorcycle purchase.




Tip # 2: Ship extra parts separately

If your bike comes with extra parts such as tires, exhaust systems, etc., those parts cannot come with the bike. You have to arrange shipping with a company such as UPS or FedEx. Remember, we don’t allow additional packages on our trucks because they may harm your bike or someone else’s. If your purchase comes with an extra fairing and it’s large, shipping may cost a significant amount so plan to budget for it.

Tip #3: Allow time for transportation
To keep shipping affordable for you, we pool as many motorcycles as we can on a truck during our cross country runs. Our trucks depart frequently with normal shipping deliveries running anywhere from 14 to 28 days from the time you call. If you schedule your shipment this week, typically your bike is scheduled on a truck departing Milwaukee, Wisconsin next week. The truck’s total delivery time (and essentially your bike’s pick up time) depends on the zones that the truck crosses. If it picks up and delivers in the same zone, timeframes are extremely short; average timeframe is 7 to 14 days from the time you call to delivery. Returning the signed contract and payment as quickly as possible will help keep the delivery timeframe on schedule.

Don’t forget to reserve a spot early for a motorcycle rally! Rallies are popular shipping venues and our trucks fill up quickly during these times.

Want to ship a large quantity of bikes? Maybe you and your friends are planning a “fly and ride” vacation or you’re a dealer wanting to transport cycles, check into reserving full truck space for your direct shipment. Call 1-888-HAULBIKES to schedule a full truck for your delivery.

Tip #4: Allow money for transportation
Call us for an estimate on what it will cost to get your purchase delivered to you. Or get a quick online quote. Prices are based on mileage. For example, if you find a bike on eBay for a good price in San Diego, California, and you live in Wisconsin, it is going to cost more than a bike that’s coming from Ohio. Keep this in mind when you consider which eBay motorcycle to buy.

Tip #5: Make sure the title is clean.
Here’s a nightmare: Imagine paying out $10,000 for a motorcycle that you cannot title. It’s happened before. Have your third party check to make sure the title is clean and the serial numbers all match up. Sometimes a call to a local police department is all you need. It would be a shame to get your bike and have a problem titling it because of some type of creative title enhancements.

Tip #6: Double check everything.
Remember, not only are you buying your dream bike, you are paying out a lot of money for it. Double check everything so you are satisfied with your purchase and not disappointed.

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