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There’s nothing more racy than a well-kept motorcycle shining with power and running like a well-oiled machine. A top notch bike requires research, time and elbow grease. Where does one begin the process of creating a masterpiece? There is so much that goes into this process, that books such as, “Motorcycles: Fundamentals, Service, and Repairs” took five authors to write it. Well, I have discovered a unique way to get you well on your way to a top notch bike.


Motorcycle Maintenance: How to maintain your motorcycle

First, begin to think of your bike as your flesh and blood … an extension of you. Your bike functions much like your body does – it needs maintenance to keep it going. Here are just a few things I recommend for preservation:

Let’s focus on the cleaning aspect first since there is nothing more dashing than a clean bike. For unsightly melted crud, use a $15 “clay bar” product. Clay bars remove the rough and gritty texture caused by contaminants such as rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. For a waterless option, try Glare Sahara Wash & Detail. While you’re at it, examine your motorcycles parts during toweling to ensure that they are tightly secured and in good shape. Keeping a bike clean is well worth the effort for multiple reasons.

Nourish your beloved cycle with clean motor oil every 3,000 miles. Think of the oil as the bike’s stamina. You don’t want to fuel your bike with dirty doughnut oil. And should you choose to sell your bike in the future, frequent oil changes are desirable for new owners. After each oil change, ensure that the electrolyte levels in the battery are stable.

Offer the same loyal respect to your tires as you would a martial arts instructor. The tires and spokes are your ally. Find the basic load and pressure information stamped on the sidewalls and use your high tech digital tire pressure gauge to check them. A recent motorcycle tire pressure study across the nation revealed that scores of riders are unknowingly riding with over inflated or under inflated tires (Dunlap Motorcycle). Stress cracks, blowouts, and carcass breakup can all be avoided with consistent attention. You can even keep track of those tire pressure readings with a motorcycle app on your iPhone.

And now, the motorcycle chain … the cloak-and-dagger, sometimes back stabbing and high maintenance piece of machinery. Win the chains loyalty by ensuring that it is dirtless. Then, moderately anoint it with oil about twice a month to ensure additional safety on the road. To determine if the tension in your chain is up to par, utilize on-line tutorials with step by step instructions. If this information sounds bewildering, request the chain be checked during regular maintenance.

Since motorcycle cables attract dirt and wear out fast, you’ll want to check them frequently. Most are made from braided wire with a flexible metal jacket covered in plastic for protection. Check for any bare strands by dragging a rag across the cables. Replace frayed strands that catch the cloth, and then, add a dab of oil along them also assists with keeping debris away and to prevent rusting.

As you are aware, there are scads of articles on-line about all of these topics. Let your curiosity take over, especially at sites such as doityourself.com.

Now that you are armed with the information to keep your bike at a top notch level you can ride with peace of mind. No more possibilities of being stranded roadside and the excitement of having the best bike around. Happy and healthy riding!


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