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When caring for your motorcycle, don’t forget your motorcycle tires. Why should you care about your motorcycle tires? Because it’s the tires that are your bike’s connection to the road – and well-maintained tires are more durable, grip the road better and make your ride all the more safe, comfortable and smooth. When deciding on just the right motorcycle tires for your bike, consider more than just appearance and style. For example, the amount of a tire’s tread determines the use of the tire. In general, low or smoother tread calls for asphalt or highway riding. And high or rougher tread calls for dirt or off-road riding. Choosing the right tire tread for your riding interest can make the difference between a great day of motorcycle riding and a not so great day, so you’ll want to choose right. Your two most trusted sources in making the best choice is a dealer of the make of your bike or your bike’s user manual.

Motorcycle Tires Care 101
Once you’ve decided on the proper tread, it’s important to be aware of some basic motorcycle tires construction and care facts. The backbone of motorcycle tires, known as the carcass, is covered with a layer of cords that are angled in unique designs that determine the tire’s flexibility and durability. The layers in the tire’s design also determine whether the tire is bias-ply or radial. Cruisers or pleasure riders usually use bias-ply and sport or off-road bikes use radial. When you have a better understanding of the makeup of your motorcycle tires you will have an appreciation why proper care is so important. Be sure to check tire pressure every chance you get. The air, not the carcass, supports the bike, and an improperly inflated tire can cause damage. Proper alignment is also important because it ensures better handling of the bike and longer wear on the tires. Also check the bike’s balance, another factor in both optimum handling but also lengthening tire life. Prevent premature cracking and finish deterioration with the tried and true shining method of soap and water – be sure to wipe off road grit, brake fluid, and gas or oil spray as well. Finally, work up some mileage! Just like a pair of new shoes, motorcycle tires wear better once broken in. Tires with a few 100 miles on them before your next long run will grip the roads better, hydroplane less, and offer a safer and smoother ride.

Motorcycle tires affect comfort, safety and handling of your ride. Before heading out to your next motorcycle rally, be sure to check with an expert that your motorcycle tires are in safe riding condition, and then be sure to check with Daily Direct – HaulBikes, experts at loading and shipping bikes to your next rally destination. From the handlebars to the saddlebags to the motorcycle tires – your motorcycle is your pride and joy so why not trust it to motorcycle shipping experts HaulBikes for your future rally needs.

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