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Choosing the Best Company to Ship Your Motorcycle

As Americans, we’re either on the move or trying to figure out a way to make that happen. Maybe you’re planning a long-term relocation to another state, a week-long vacation across country or trying to figure out how to move your new or non-working vehicle from Point A to Point B.

Vehicle shipping companies can be the answer to all of your moving questions. The question is: which one to choose? To make your shipping companies evaluation easier, select a transporter that best matches you – your type of vehicle, its value, your schedule and your concerns.

Shipping companies who specialize in certain vehicle types
Shipping companies ship various items – from autos to livestock. Choose a shipping company that specializes in your type of vehicle. If you are shipping a car to Hawaii, for example, choose a transporter who allows for air transportation and make sure they know the state laws involved with transport. Or if you are shipping a motorcycle or other motorized sport vehicle, select a shipper that specializes in the intricacies of this type of vehicle.

Consider your budget when choosing a specialty company. Some specialty shipping companies charge extra for special knowledge and care, others because they ship in volume, can save you money – especially if you plan your shipping with a large group or for a big event, such as a motorcycle rally. Compare pricing online and also consider calling to speak with someone directly. During your phone call, you can ask if there are any special discounts for your shipment and discover the type of customer service you will receive if you decide to use that transporter.

Remember, you get what you pay for, so if you are willing to let your brand new Harley-Davidson travel across country in an open truck with somebody’s desk and furniture, you can definitely save money, but are the risks of damage and wear worth the extra few dollars?

Planning your schedule with the shipping companies
Time is a commodity that we all treasure. Fortunately there are little time savers here and there that make our lives easier. Here are some time savers to look for when reviewing vehicle shipping companies:

  • Do you have to prepare your vehicle before shipping? For example, if you don’t have to drain the gas or crate the vehicle, this can save you time upfront as well as when you receive the vehicle.
  • Will you have to pick up the vehicle at an airport or terminal location? Think of time and money savings if the vehicle can be delivered to your office or home.
  • Is this a shipping company that you have to check on regularly? If you are spending your lunch hours calling to check on your vehicle or if there isn’t anyone to call, this is something to consider. Try shipping companies that have easy access such as toll free phone numbers, email notifications or online shipment tracking – quick and simple ways to ease your peace of mind.

How shipping companies work with unique challenges
If you have a unique vehicle, such as a trike or a personal watercraft on a trailer, you want to choose a shipping company that has shipped those type of vehicles before and are aware of their size and specifications. Or if you have a rare or irreplaceable vehicle, choose quality and experience over price, and confirm that the company and your vehicle is insured during shipping. And ask if there are extra fees involved to insure your vehicle.

Experience is a key factor in choosing from the various shipping companies. Ask for references and ask if large companies, such as dealers or manufacturers of your vehicle have used their service before. That’s the best testimonial you can get.

Looking for the best company to ship your motorcycle, ATV, or jet-ski?
Daily Direct/HaulBikes specializes in shipping motorized sport vehicles and has been in business for nearly 20 years.

We’ll get your vehicle loaded and unloaded just like we ship them for dealers and manufacturers – in our enclosed trailers housed with our special strapping system, battery connected and fluids intact, and right to your front door or choice destination.
Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, HaulBikes is a trusted shipping company used by motorcycle manufacturers and dealers. Want to know what others think of HaulBikes? Check out our references page. Want to budget for your shipment? HaulBikes offers quick online quotes and special pricing for motorcycle events.  Call us for details on your shipment and ask any questions you may have about vehicle shipping companies!
Call us toll free at 1-888-HAULBIKES.

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