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Motorcycle Storage Tips: Winterizing Basics

Is it time to put your motorcycle away?

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Motorcycle shipping and transportation articles

Shipping a Motorcycle to a Music Festival: Five Great Destinations

Now that we’re rolling into summer, it’s time to firm up those plans for all the fun events you want to take in. MORE>>

Riding Out the Storm – Weather Safety Tips from HaulBikes – Whether it’s a gentle rain, a crashing thunderstorm, or the wail of a tornado warning, how do you stay safe when there is bad weather on the road?  MORE>>

Shipping Your Bike to a 2013 Motorcycle Rally

We got the low down on when the biggest and best rallies will be held in 2013. MORE >>

Motorcycle Transport: Choosing a Motorcycle Transport Company

Even though getting there is often more than half the fun, sometimes the time, expense or inconvenience of getting your bike to where you want it to go has you considering a motorcycle transport company.


Craigslist Scam Alert-HaulBikes does not offer shipping services through Craigslist or any other online bulletin board. Recently, several scams have come to our attention due to scammers using the phrase “haul bikes” as part of their pitch and email address. MORE >>

A checklist for shipping your motorcycle Preparing for a motorcycle trip can be a lot of work. You have to scout out places to stay, hit all the best roadside attractions and find the most scenic rides at your destination. Let HaulBikes help you ship your bike with ease. MORE >>

Motorcycle shipping: Another way to

enjoy the ride Although the journey itself can be an adventure, sometimes the time, expense or inconvenience of riding to the final destination can make motorcycle shipping a good option. MORE >>

Finding quality motorcycle transport – Whether you’re shipping your motorcycle for a bike rally, vacation, relocation or a new bike purchase, you’ll want to use a motorcycle transport company that specializes in hauling bikes. MORE >>

Choosing a motorcycle transport service in the US – If you are shipping a smaller vehicle, such as a motorcycle or ATV, you want to choose a company that it is aware of its intricacies like the handlebars, exhaust pipes and skis. You also want to make sure they are insured and licensed to protect you during its transport. MORE >>

Looking for motorcycle trailer rentals? – Motorcycle trailer rentals are not the only option for people who want to move bikes quickly and safely. Whether you’re transporting your Vintage Harley-Davidson or a team of motocross bikes, you might consider shipping your bike so you can fly or save gas mileage by driving without a trailer. MORE >>

Don’t tie yourself up with motorcycle trailer tie downs – When using motorcycle trailer tie downs to trailer your bike, there is a basic motorcycle trailer made up of little more than an axle with a length of channel iron to hold your beloved bike in place, along with some points to tie down or secure the bike. This type of tie down can also have two rails or more to hold multiple bikes. MORE >>

Maneuvering Motorcycle Classifieds Our article summarizes five classified offerings on the web. No science was involved in selecting these vendors. Here are the top five noted motorcycle classifieds sites that we’ve reviewed to shorten your search.  MORE >>

Motorcycle Maintenance There’s nothing more racy than a well-kept motorcycle shining with power and running like a well-oiled machine. A top notch bike requires research, time and elbow grease. Where does one begin the process of creating a masterpiece? MORE >>

Camping on a Motorcycle – Camping on your motorcycle gives you an opportunity to really see the world – up close and personal. However, it’s not like camping in your typical camper, RV or even supply-filled compact car. You have to learn to pack light and pack smart. MORE >>

Motorcycle Safety Tips – Motorcycle Safety Month is coming to a close, but we think motorcycle safety should go on all season long. Here are some motorcycle safety tips to stay safe this season. MORE >>

Don’t tread lightly on caring for your motorcycle tires – Because it’s the tires that are your bike’s connection to the road – and well-maintained tires are more durable, grip the road better and make your ride all the more safe, comfortable and smooth. When deciding on just the right motorcycle tires for your bike, consider more than just appearance and style. MORE >>

Hot motorcycle gear – Gearing up for the motorcycle season is one of the most exciting parts of motorcycling – almost as much fun as getting out on the open road. So what’s hot on the scene this year? We’ve gone looking for the latest and greatest in trick new gear for you, your bike – and even for your passengers! MORE >>

Rev up your travel plans with a motorcycle rally – If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably already know that a motorcycle rally is the perfect place to meet other motorcyclists, check out all the colorful custom and vintage rides out there, and just have a really good time with the usual rally fare of great food, music, and cycle vendors. Check out the Motorcycle Events Calendar for rallies across the country! MORE >>

Father’s Day: Keeping your baby safe – Father’s Day is quickly approaching – and what would be a better gift then enjoying the two things you love together: your bike and your children.  At first, this seems like a great idea. However, without the proper protection and knowledge, both you and your child are at risk. By taking simple steps to ensure safety, you two will have a fun ride. MORE >>

2007 IronWorks Magazine and Lick’s Custom Cycle give away bike – Lick’s Cycles builds a polished “V twin” engine, IronWorks Magazine gives it away, and Daily Direct – Haul Bikes ships it to your front door!  MORE >>

Tips to prevent motorcycle theft – No one stolen your bike yet? Well don’t get to comfortable in the saddle because that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen! There are ways to lower the odds of your motorcycle being stolen and although no single one is completely foolproof, if you take a few precautions you stand a better chance of ensuring your bike isn’t taken for a random joy ride.   MORE >>


Stars of motorcycle-building reality TV show, Vinnie DiMartino and Codie Connelly visit Milwaukee – Vinnie DiMartino and Cody Connelly, motorcycle builders from Orange County, New York, and stars of the motorcycle-building reality TV show, made a coveted tour stop in Milwaukee to visit HaulBikes. Since the duo’s recent departure from the reality TV show, fans will be glad to hear that they are starting their own motorcycle fabrication business, which will be named V-Force Customs. Milwaukee’s own Daily Direct-HaulBikes will be the sole motorcycle transportation company for the new venture. MORE >>

How rising fuel costs affect the trucking transport industry and motorcycle shipping costs – Higher fuel prices are packing a punch for every driver. With the national average of fuel prices changing to a recent 15 cent change, it’s also a big deal for transporting companies like Milwaukee-based national motorcycle shipper Daily Direct-Haul Bikes. MORE >>

Kelly Blue Book motorcycle values offers resources for buyers and sellers – Looking to see what your bike is worth? You’re not alone. According to J.D. Power and Associates, more than half of all buyers turn to the internet for help when shopping for a new vehicle. Kelly Blue Book motorcycle values are a great way to start the motorcycle selling – or buying – process. MORE >>

Comparing motorcycle shipping companies– As Americans, we’re either on the move or trying to figure out a way to make that happen. Maybe you’re planning a long-term relocation to another state, a week-long vacation across country or trying to figure out how to move your new or non-working vehicle from Point A to Point B. Vehicle shipping companies can be the answer to all of your moving questions. The question is: which one to choose? MORE >>


The Moto GP Races to the United States – Take top motorcycle manufacturers, such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki and unite them with elite motorcycle riders from all over the world, put them in 16 different countries and you have created the Moto GP. Watch for the premier motorcycle championship’s new addition in 2008, a United States Moto GP round at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. MORE >>

Tail of the Dragon motorcycle vacation – It’s all about the curves. The picturesque, twisty and winding paved kind, that is, 318 of them. These curves wind their way up and over the mountains of Tennessee into North Carolina backed by the scenic view of the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest. Can you imagine yourself right now on your own motorcycle – knees partially touching the pavement and bike angled just so? MORE >>

HaulBikes teams up with eBay to make eBay shopping and shipping one smooth keystroke Daily Direct-HaulBikes recently announced its decision to team with eBay® Motors so that shoppers will have immediate access to shipping services directly from the eBay® website. MORE >>

HaulBikes celebrates is 20th Year Anniversary Visit Daily Direct-HaulBikes in Milwaukee on September 26, 2008 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and have a chance to win FREE shipping to Daytona or Sturgis is 2009. MORE >>

Art of the Chopper Motorcycle Exibit at Clinton Libary Daily Direct ships motorcycles to traveling motorcycle exhibit in Little Rock, Arkansas, based on book by noted photographer Tom Zimberoff. MORE >>

5 great gift ideas for bikers At HaulBikes, we’re all motorcycle fanatics. So we asked around our office to find out what was top of everyone’s holiday wish list for this season. MORE >>

Donating your old motorcycle to charity Have an old motorcycle in the garage that’s taking up space or got a new one from Santa this year? Consider the benefits of donating your old motorcycle to charity. MORE >>

The Spyder: Motorcycle, Car or Powersports Vehicle Find out the unique features this 3-wheeled vehicle has to offer. MORE >>

Hot Helmet Trends However you feel about wearing a helmet, you can’t deny that it’s the safest way to be on the road. Fortunately, we’re seeing plenty of cool ways you can protect your brain and make a statement at the same time. MORE >>

Motorcycle shipping: Enclosed Motorcycle Haulers Find out how HaulBikes keeps your motorcycle safe in our enclosed trailers MORE >>

Electric Motorcycles – Electric motorcycles are growing in popularity due to its low cost, ecological emissions yet quick ride. MORE >>

Zero S Electric Motorcycle – Check out this high performance motorcycle fit for the road and Jay Leno’s Garage. MORE >>

Motorcycle Shipping Costs – Learn what’s included in your shipping cost. MORE >>

Do You Need a Motorcycle Moving Service? MORE>>

ATV shipping and other ATV articles

Shipping system in enclosed trailers to haul ATVs – Instead of renting or buying trailers to haul ATVs, consider a shipping company that will pick up your ATV at your door and deliver it right to your next trail ride, race or rally. MORE >>

Secure your off-road weekend plans with ATV trailers – Looking for quality and secure ATV trailers tie downs ? Owning or renting an ATV trailer comes in handy when you and a few buddies are making plans for your next off road ride and want to take multiple ATVs along. Since ATV trailers come in varying sizes and shapes … MORE >>

Getting involved with youth ATV racing –   Are your kids constantly looking for a new adventure and it’s always up to you to plan for their next exciting weekend? Why not try introducing them to youth ATV racing? MORE >>
Suzuki Dirt Days puts ATV drag racing on the map –   Get your next ATV drag racing fix at Suzuki Dirt Days, a Suzuki sponsored event held at The Rolling Thunder X-treme Race Park, a part of the famous Hatfield and McCoy ATV trail system and located just outside of Logan, West Virginia. MORE >>

Fantastic tales from the trails: ATV riding stunts– You probably have some good tales to tell about your time out in the dirt, water, mud and fun with the guys. And I’m sure a few of the trail tales include some good – or not so good – ones about doing ATV riding stunts. MORE >>

Also check out these other ATV articles:

ATV Vacations
Buying a used ATV

Jet ski shipping and other jet ski articles

Alternative to jet ski rentals – For vacationers serious about jet skiing, renting a machine when on vacation can be a disappointing experience. MORE >>
Jet ski rentals – Jet Ski
rentals make for a great summertime get-a-way if you’re looking for a cool and
refreshing way to enjoy your summer vacation. MORE >>

Jet ski trailers – Iif you have your own jet ski you just might want to check into the advantages of using jet ski trailers to tow your PWCs for a weekend of wave-riding fun. MORE >>

Haul Bikes shipping process

Quick and easy shipping checklist – Wondering how to prepare for shipping? Use this checklist to begin your prep. MORE >>

Haul Bikes motorcycle shipping process – Here are all the steps from signing a contract to delivering your motorized sport vehicle right to your door. MORE >>

Vacation planning articles

Five Great Fall Rides – Fall is one of the best times to ride here in the Midwest, but there are other parts of the country that boast amazing colors and views that open up when the leaves thin out. MORE >>

Fly and Ride Motorcycle Vacations offer customized escape for today’s cycling enthusiast –The “Fly and Ride” is one of the latest in adventure touring escapes for today’s motorcycle enthusiast. Specialty tour companies will customize a road trip experience that provides for a tailor-made motorcycling escape MORE >>

Planning your summertime motorcycle vacation in Milwaukee Wisconsin – With temperatures on the rise and lazy weekend wanderings already at a precious minimum, you won’t want to waste one more minute of what’s left of your summertime fun. And what better place to get a fresh-start on some summertime fun than the city of festivals itself – Milwaukee! MORE >>

Other great reasons to visit Milwaukee Wisconsin this summer – Vist the Milwaukee Mile Speedway, Harley-Davidson museum and the 3rd annual Burn Camp rally to name just a few attractions to visit in Milwauke e ! MORE >>
ATV vacations – Fall is right around the corner and now is the time to get your ATV geared up for a daredevil run, hunting season or maybe just catch the fall colors with the kids. But
don’t be left in the dust! Start planning now to get a little dirty with an ATV getaway that kicks up just the right blend of exhilarating trail riding, cool views and awesome park destinations. MORE >>

Spring fever with a two-wheeled twist – After a long and cold winter spent indoors anyone who has been hibernating through the frosty season can suffer a common case of “cabin fever,” longing for those warmer weather and carefree summer days ahead. Check out these highlighted motorcycle rallies and multiple destination tour. MORE >>

10 great picks for motorcycle vacations in 2007 – Many motorcycle enthusiasts will head out of state for their summer vacation, and many with their prized bikes in tow. Looking for a unique rally excursion this summer? Look no further. Here are a few tips on 10 motorcycle vacation destinations this summer. MORE >>

Travel tips: Should you ship your motorcycle? When should I schedule my trip? Which rally do I want to go to? How do I pack? And, how do I get there with my prized bike in tow without using up all my vacation days? MORE >>

Milwaukee adds to its motorcycle magnetism – If you haven’t been to Milwaukee before or are thinking of coming here again, now is the time to book your vacation. Milwaukee just added two new motorcycle hot spots to its already motorcycle-friendly city. MORE >>

HaulBikes partners with The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee – In addition to The Iron Horse Hotel’s customized amenities for discriminating motorcycle riders, guests of the hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin can now ship their motorcycles directly to The Iron Horse Hotel with a special discounted rate from HaulBikes motorcycle shipping. MORE >>

Motorcycle rally articles

Sturgis 2010 Concerts Rally the Big Rockers – If you’re heading to Sturgis this month, you’re in for the concert of the year. The 70th Annual Sturgis Rally 2010 concerts scheduled include big names in rock – from Kid Rock to Ozzy. MORE >>

Rev up your travel plans with a motorcycle rally – Looking to head out of state for a unique summer’s excursion? We have researched 10 motorcycle vacation destinations for exploration. Some are off the beaten path, and others are oldies but goodies. MORE >>

Motorcycle transport to Sturgis Rally – experience the ride of your life – The 66th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, one of the world’s oldest, largest and greatest rallies, rides into South Dakota’s Black Hills August 7-13, 2006. And when you arrange for your Motorcycle Transport to Sturgis 2006 you’ll experience the ride of your life because the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is unfolding to be among the best yet. MORE >>
Shipping your own bike ahead is better alternative to Sturgis motorcycle rentals Sturgis is one of the world’s oldest, largest and greatest motorcycle rallies in the nation with each
August drawing more than a half-million cycle enthusiasts to make the pilgrimage to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Rally-goers are drawn to … MORE >>

Rev up your travel plans with a motorcycle rally – If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably already know that a motorcycle rally is the perfect place to meet other motorcyclists, check out all the colorful custom and vintage rides out there, and just have a really good time with the usual rally fare of great food, music, and cycle vendors.Check out the Motorcycle Events Calendar for rallies across the country! MORE >>

Five great rally destinations for Memorial Day – Each Memorial Day, riding enthusiasts from all compass points of the United States will pack their saddle bags and point their beloved chrome horses north, south, east or west to head out of state for their motorcycle rally destination of choice.Can’t decide where to roll this year? Here are five great Memorial Day rally destination picks to consider for your next ride! MORE >>

Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Event Blowout – For all bikers riding or having bikes shipped to Milwaukee, the Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration from August 28-31, 2008, will feature non-stop city-wide action. MORE >>
See more motorcycle rally articles at our motorcycle events page.

Buying and selling articles

Tips for buying on the Internet with sites like eBay motorcycles – Thanks to the Internet and websites, such as eBay motorcycles, motorcycle buyers have multiple options and prices to choose from. But it doesn’t come without risks. Chances are you’ll never physically meet the seller of the motorcycle. So when it comes to buying on the Internet, buyers who purchase on sites like eBay motorcycles should take their time and use caution. MORE >>

Motorcycles on the Internet: Getting started with eBay selling – Got a motorcycle that you don’t ride anymore or thinking about an upgrade to a new make or model? Thinking about trying eBay selling? Selling a motorcycle or ATV on eBay can be a great way to expand your options and find the perfect buyer for your bike. MORE >>

Experience nostalgia while bidding on your dream bike at MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auctions – If you’re into older motorcycles, then there’s nothing more entertaining than scouring the rows of bikes on a quest to find the best of the best at MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction. From perfect-looking John Player Nortons to vintage Triumph SpeedTwins to Royal Enfield Bullets, the machines on display at MidAmerica Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction are always … MORE >>

Buy ATVs: Protect yourself when buying a used quad – If you’re into ATV riding, then there’s nothing more exciting than scouring the Internet and trade magazines on a hunt to buy TVs and find just the right quad for that prized spot you’ve got marked out in your garage. MORE>>

HaulBikes teams up with eBay to make shopping and motorcycle shipping – Daily Direct-HaulBikes recently announced its decision to team with eBay® Motors so that shoppers will have immediate access to shipping services directly from the eBay® website. MORE >>



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Hauling Hogs: Transporter Specializes in Reuniting Motorcycles with Their Owners – RoadKing article (July/Aug. 2004). (click here)

Daily Direct Plans ‘Massive’ Expansion – Small Business Times article by David Niles (04/02/04). (click here)

Motorcycle Shipping Company Plans $4.5 Million Expansion – Milwaukee Business Journal article by Rich Rovito (04/02/04). (click here)

Doting Bike Owners Help A Transport Business Take Off Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article by Rick Romell (02/13/03). (click here)


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