Need to ship your trike or Spyder (or other 3 wheeled cycle)?  At HAULBIKES, we can ship your trike at our standard price and we don’t charge you double!

HAULBIKES will ship your trike or Spyder:

  • Safely – Our enclosed trailers guard your trike from the elements; our air ride suspension defends it from bumps; and the soft-tie strapping system protects against damage and wear
  • Door-to-door – When you ship with HAULBIKES, you can choose the pick-up and delivery location. Want to fly your family to a vacation destination? You can fly in, and your trike can be ready and waiting at your hotel or location of your choosing. We’ll also deliver it right to your door when your vacation is over.
  • With no prep time for you – Just concentrate on packing the suitcase. You don’t have to crate or palletize your bike. And where are you going to fill ‘er up when you get to the hotel? No worries. We keep your gas in the tank, battery connected and it’s ready and waiting to ride.
  • Protected – We understand how important your trike is to you. We provide detailed inspection reports to you with each move. And for extra peace of mind, the price you get from HAULBIKES always includes $15,000 of insurance with a $500 deductible, with extra insurance easily available to purchase. You can also choose to eliminate the $500 deductible for $50.

Shipping your trike or Spyder
We don’t believe you should be charged double for shipping your trike. We only charge extra when the width or length exceeds our standard 4’x9’ space. Typically trikes do extend this space, so we simply charge an extension surcharge of $195, not a double unit fee.