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Motorcycle Shipping Rates

Pick from one of our below shipping options for a seamless motorcycle shipping experience!
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Standard Shipping – Pickup and Delivery varies based on location.  Please go to our quote request page and submit a request for the most current shipping times.

What this motorcycle shipping price includes:

  • NO crating or palletizing your bike
  • NO draining the gas or disconnecting the battery
  • $15,000 of insurance with a $500 deductible

Ready to schedule your shipment? Call us at 888-HAULBIKES or fill out our quote form.

Hidden Fees and Charges:

We want you to be informed of your exact motorcycle shipping cost. We don't believe in hidden fees or charges. There are added services and factors that could affect your price, such as including a motorcycle trailer or requesting a residential pickup. We also want you to know how you can save! Make sure to read the "fine print" below so you can be informed of exactly what your shipment will cost and our delivery policies. We also welcome you to call us at 888-HAULBIKES or Contact Us for your exact quote on your shipment.

There is an extra charge of $300 for tolls when picking up or delivering to Long Island or Maine.

  • At this time, we do NOT pick up or deliver to the Florida Keys, or DC.
  • We also do NOT pick up or deliver on non-paved roads, gated communities, military bases, ports or areas protected by Homeland Security. We do not provide border crossing services.


Any shipment booked or scheduled, and then cancelled, for ANY reason, will be subject to a cancellation fee of $100. This is regardless if the truck has left on that specific route or not. Once a spot is reserved, we can't sell it to anyone else. The ONLY exception is if a shipment is cancelled within 48 hours of receipt of contract. In this case, the cancellation fee will be $25 to cover processing fees.

Bike Sizes:

Motorcycle shipping prices are based on standard bike specs, which occupy ONE standard space on our trailer.  The standard space is 4’ x 9’. There is an extra charge for bikes with sidecars, trikes, choppers, ATV's, go-karts, etc. - basically any unit that EXCEEDS the standard space (4’ x9’) on our trailer. Please call 888-HAULBIKES or Contact Us for an exact price.

  • Height limit of 58" - we CANNOT ship anything that is taller than 58”.
  • Notes about special vehicles: Individual sidecars only can be shipped if they are on dollies. Jet skis have to be shipped with your trailer (single trailer only).

Additional Charges Summary:

  • $195 Surcharge for each ADDITIONAL 4'x9' space on our trailer that a unit may occupy. MOST Trikes, Sidecars, and Motorcycle Trailers that are with a motorcycle will occupy only one additional space. Note: Individual sidecars only can be shipped if they are on dollies.
  • Sidecars and Motorcycle Trailers that are by themselves would be charged the normal rate for ONE standard space if they do not exceed the standard 4'x9' space. Individual sidecars only can be shipped if they are on dollies.
  • Included insurance is $15,000 with a $500 deductible. For a fee of $50, the customer can eliminate the $500 deductible from any damage claim.
  • $50 per $5,000 of additional "Shipment Valuation" above the included/standard $15,000 of insurance coverage.
  • Please inquire when receiving your motorcycle shipping quote about expediting options.
  • $250 attempted pickup or attempted delivery fee will be charged to a customer if we schedule a stop on a driver's trip, and then we are unable to pickup or deliver based on the customer.

Pick-up and Delivery Logistics:

Drivers shall make reasonable efforts to contact Customer the day before pickup and/or delivery.  After twenty-four (24) hours have elapsed from the initial contact, each failed attempt of pickup / delivery shall result in a two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) charge.

At any point, if the pickup or delivery is scheduled on a truck to be executed and for reasons of customer unavailability, is unsuccessful, a fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) will be charged.

If a customer requests a delivery date that requires HAULBIKES to return the unit to a warehouse and store it for a period of time a charge of $10 per day will be charged.


All Unit (s) MUST roll.  If the Unit(s) does not roll, resulting in an unsuccessful attempted pickup, Customer shall be charged a two hundred fifty dollars ($250) attempted pickup charge.


  • Full Truckloads - Call for details regarding full truck shipments. 888-HAULBIKES.
  • For Special Events at-a-glance pricing see our Rallies Specials Page.

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