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Not quite sure which trail to hit for your ATV vacations? Wisconsin boasts some of the most beautiful trails that your 3- and 4-wheel machine will roll over – with hills, forest and grassland in abundance. Add to your getaway package the state’s bountiful lakes and you’ll soon be skimming over just the right amount of dirt, sand and water making for a perfect “mudding” experience. Wisconsin’s Buffalo River State Trail winds through Trempealeau, Jackson, Eau Claire and Buffalo counties with an abandoned railroad grade serving as your guide.

Or you may want to take your ATV with you on your next Florida vacation. Florida is particularly known for its off-road riding enthusiasm, with a particular intense popularity of the Withlacoochee State Forest’s Croom area. Endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund as one its “10 Coolest Places You’ve Ever Been In North America,” visitors come from all over Florida as well as the rest of the United States to hit the trails. Strutting solid forest and hard packed terrain of mostly sandy trails of deep Florida Sugar Sand on its 4-wheel destination resume, Croom offers a fun and quality place to ride.

For more “ultimate ride” locations, check out the TrailLink guide at 

ATV Shipping

Don’t own your own ATV or would like to take along some of your buddies or the kids but don’t own a few extras? Dealerships and rental shops offering ATV rentals are a great alternative to experience this off-road fun without breaking your budget. Most ATV rentals are available in a large selection of all sorts of makes, sizes and 3 or 4-wheels frames, and include riding and other safety equipment. Whether you choose to rent a few extras or bring your own, shipping your ATV on ahead to your 4-wheelin’ destination offers a great way to expand your vacation options beyond those close to home.

Once you’re made plans to ship your ATV, prepare a pre-ride checklist:

  • If you’re the owner, have an extra set of ATV keys and keep them where they will not be forgotten – it’s a real bummer to arrive at your trail only to discover that your ATV keys are back home on the kitchen counter!
  • Keep a trail map of the area where your ride is to take place and have an extra that you leave behind so that others know your trail itinerary.
  • Make sure you have rider-to-rider communication for emergency contacts – carry cell phones or radios and make sure you’ve got good charges or extra batteries packed.
  • Know that less is more when packing – bring extra riding boots, rain gear, and helmet and goggles and gloves so that all riders are properly dressed.
  • Bring along an extra quart of oil since some 4-wheeler machines will lose their oil if turned over frequently.
  • Have a toolkit on board stocked with essentials like pliers, wrenches, screw driver, spare light globes, sparkplug wrench, a spare spark plug (be sure you have one that fits each machine), electric tape, tire repair kit(s) and a spare tire inflation can. And while you’re at it, make sure you’ve got your other toolkit packed – a first aid kit with Band-Aids and antiseptics, mosquito repellent and sunscreen.
  • Add to that a flashlight, some spare batteries, a tow strap or rope, knife, signal flare, and portable shovel, and you’re ready to hit the dusty trails!

It’s time to plan your escape to the trails!

Book your travel arrangements and then call HAULBIKES to ship your ATV there – ready and waiting to ride. We use a specialty strapping system specifically designed for ATVs, so your prized 4-wheel ride remains secure in our custom, covered trucks.


Photo by Frankie Sutera on Unsplash


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