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The Buffalo Chip’s 2018 Legends Ride

The Counts Kustoms crew

HAULBIKES is proud to partner with Shannon Aikau of Count’s Kustoms and the rest of the Counting Cars team for Buffalo Chip’s 2018 Legends Ride.   From the STURGIS BUFFALO CHIP GAZETTE 2018… Shannon Aikau has been working with Danny “The Count” Koker for 20 years. He’s built over 300 bikes including Danny’s first bike, “Tattoo,”…

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Motorcycle Camping

Triumph motorcycle parked at tent campsite

Camping with your motorcycle gives you an opportunity to really see the world – up close and personal. However, it’s not like camping in your typical camper, RV or even supply-filled compact car. You have to learn to pack light and pack smart. If you’re really roughing it, you can simply bring a sleeping bag…

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Top 10 Reasons to Ride Your Motorcycle Instead of Your Car

2 motorcyclists at railroad crossing

Here are some reminders why to choose your motorcycle instead of your car: Motorcycles consume 55% less fuel per mile than cars. Since a lot of businesses have designated parking spots for motorcycles closer to the building and it’s a lot easier to squeak in smaller spaces, you’re in the door quicker. It’s a way…

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8 Tips for Painless Motorcycle Shipping

Overhead view of highway

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, chances are there’s going to be some point in your life when you’re going to want to get a bike from point A to point B without busting your butt on a thousand-mile ride. Maybe you’re moving, and don’t want to risk your pride and joy getting squished and scratched…

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Motorcycle Trailer Rental

Motorcycle stuffed in a small rental trailer

  If you want to transport your bike across the state or across the country, renting a motorcycle trailer can be a good choice. Motorcycle trailer rental can offer a low-cost solution to transporting your bike, but it also can take longer – using up precious days of your trip or vacation. Motorcycle trailer rental is not…

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Motorcycle Safety Courses: The Affordable Way To Save Your Life

Lady holding motorcycle helmet

Most cycle drivers don’t sign up for a motorcycle safety course. Let’s be realistic, no one driver could possibly know all they need to know about motorcycle safety. Take for example the recently injured Baton Rouge police chief. He was suddenly knocked unconscious in a motorcycle crash and will undergo surgery to repair his left…

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Motorcycle Clubs

Winnipeg-Roughriders-Motorcycle-Club vintage image of 16 post WW2 guys and their 3 motorcycles

Maybe it’s the roar of 100 – or 1000 engines on the road together, or maybe it’s the fun of seeing people you know week after week, but being part of a motorcycle club is, for many, a vital part of the motorcycle lifestyle experience. If you’re not in one, or you’re just looking to…

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Storing your motorcycle for winter?

Road in winter with snow cover and trees

For those that live in cold climates, that means your motorcycle will hibernate for the winter. If there is no motorcycle off-season where you live, then you will likely scan this article, chuckle, and then go for a ride while the rest of us are doing a bit of work in order to NOT ride…

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Bad Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips

storm brewing over road

If you’ve spent any time at all on a bike, chances are you’ve run into nasty weather at one time or another. Whether it’s a gentle rain, a crashing thunderstorm, or the wail of a tornado warning, how do you stay safe when there is bad weather on the road? Here are a few tips…

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