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HAULBIKES is proud to partner with Shannon Aikau of Count’s Kustoms and the rest of the Counting Cars team for Buffalo Chip’s 2018 Legends Ride.



Shannon Aikau has been working with Danny “The Count” Koker for 20 years. He’s built over 300 bikes including Danny’s first bike, “Tattoo,” in 1998, and everyday bike which he named “Coffin.” Ryan Evans, head painter and graphic artist, has been painting with Counts Kustoms for 20 years and is a regular on the hit TV show. “Horny Mike” is a talented airbrush artist who loves to put 3-D horns on everything. Danny relies on Mike to bring “out-there” ideas to life.

In addition to being special Legends Ride guests, the threesome can be found judging the Chopper Show at the Buffalo Chip free-access Cross-Roads on Saturday, Aug. 4, attending the Flying Piston Charity Breakfast on Sunday morning and judging the Three-Dom Trike Show on Tuesday, Aug. 7 at the CrossRoads.


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