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Rallies and Events

The Buffalo Chip’s 2018 Legends Ride

The Counts Kustoms crew

HAULBIKES is proud to partner with Shannon Aikau of Count’s Kustoms and the rest of the Counting Cars team for Buffalo Chip’s 2018 Legends Ride.   From the STURGIS BUFFALO CHIP GAZETTE 2018… Shannon Aikau has been working with Danny “The Count” Koker for 20 years. He’s built over 300 bikes including Danny’s first bike, “Tattoo,”…

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Top 8 Motorcycle Vacation Destinations

Motorcycle and palm trees

Many motorcycle enthusiasts will head out of state for their summer vacation, and many with their prized bikes in tow. Looking for a unique rally excursion this summer? Look no further. Here are a few tips on 10 motorcycle vacation destinations this summer. Milwaukee. What could be a more memorable vacation for a motorcycle enthusiast than…

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Motorcycle Journeys – Bucket List

We’re wrapping up riding season here in Milwaukee, which means only one thing: planning our next trip.  So we started wondering about the most outrageous motorcycle trips we could possibly take and came up with a list of five, once-in-a-lifetime, completely outrageous adventures. A few of these are international, where we don’t ship motorcycles – but this…

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Motorcycle Rallies: 10 Tips for First-Timers

Motorcycles parked at Harley Museum

Is this the year you’re finally going? Have you heard all the stories, enjoyed all the photos, researched and planned how to make your trip to Daytona, Arizona Bike Week or Sturgis as much fun as possible? Any big bike rally has so much going on it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Here are…

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Let the Motorcycle Games Begin

Playing cards in a pile

At motorcycle rallies, the fun doesn’t end when the day’s ride is done. If you’re getting together with your local club or attend one of the big national rallies, here are a few motorcycle games you might see. 1. Treasure Hunts. Often done in conjunction with a local Chamber of Commerce, treasure hunts send bikers all…

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