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Motorcycle Travel Tips

Motorcycle Camping

Triumph motorcycle parked at tent campsite

Camping with your motorcycle gives you an opportunity to really see the world – up close and personal. However, it’s not like camping in your typical camper, RV or even supply-filled compact car. You have to learn to pack light and pack smart. If you’re really roughing it, you can simply bring a sleeping bag…

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Bad Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips

storm brewing over road

If you’ve spent any time at all on a bike, chances are you’ve run into nasty weather at one time or another. Whether it’s a gentle rain, a crashing thunderstorm, or the wail of a tornado warning, how do you stay safe when there is bad weather on the road? Here are a few tips…

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Five Great Fall Motorcycle Rides

Tree lined road in autumn colors

There’s a chill in the air that makes leathers feel great, and the crisp smell of falling leaves reminds us to make the most of every minute we have left to ride. Fall is one of the best times to ride here in the Midwest, but there’s other parts of the country that boast amazing…

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Extreme Weather Motorcycle Riding

Storm over mountain and city

There always seems to be some some epic weather disaster happening somewhere these days. But since you’re not going let a little weather interfere with your riding plans, are you prepared to handle what Mother Nature sends your way? Since our readers are from all over, and we ship motorcycles everywhere, we found a few tips for…

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4 Tips for Fall Motorcycle Riding

Road through forested mountains

Shorter days, longer shadows, cooler temperatures…..it’s autumn.  Fall offers some great reasons to get out and ride: It’s a great time to check out the scenery – Fall provides an amazing palette with the turning leaves. Some of the best roads to ride are often in areas where there are a lot of hills and trees…

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Top 8 Motorcycle Vacation Destinations

Motorcycle and palm trees

Many motorcycle enthusiasts will head out of state for their summer vacation, and many with their prized bikes in tow. Looking for a unique rally excursion this summer? Look no further. Here are a few tips on 10 motorcycle vacation destinations this summer. Milwaukee. What could be a more memorable vacation for a motorcycle enthusiast than…

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Motorcycle Journeys – Bucket List

We’re wrapping up riding season here in Milwaukee, which means only one thing: planning our next trip.  So we started wondering about the most outrageous motorcycle trips we could possibly take and came up with a list of five, once-in-a-lifetime, completely outrageous adventures. A few of these are international, where we don’t ship motorcycles – but this…

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Warm Weather Destinations for Bikers

sunglasses on the beach

If you’re spending this winter regretting not booking a trip somewhere warm (like we are), you may have vowed “never again” and started looking at trips for 2015. So we’ll help you out and get some recommendations on some of the best places to feel the wind in your hair if your bike’s in cold…

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Biker Friendly Lodging

Motel neon sign at night

The open road calls. Why not extend that ride a day or two by bunking up at a place that’s just the right fit for motorcyclists.  Spend the day touring some of the most scenic parts of the country, and then rest yourself and your two-wheeled companion somewhere that has the motorcyclist in mind.  These…

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Road Food – BBQ

grilling food

Miles from home, miles of good road under your wheels. Thoughts turn from the scenery to …FOOD. What’s the favorite destination? According to our highly scientific* Facebook poll, BBQ wins the day. Burgers came in a close second. One of our commenters specified that the BBQ MUST be local to the area (we agree!) SO,…

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