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There always seems to be some some epic weather disaster happening somewhere these days. But since you’re not going let a little weather interfere with your riding plans, are you prepared to handle what Mother Nature sends your way?

Since our readers are from all over, and we ship motorcycles everywhere, we found a few tips for you  on getting through some extreme situations unscathed.

Flooded roads: Floods are arguably the most dangerous weather hazard out there. If you happen upon a flooded road on your bike, STOP. You never know what lies below the surface. Find another way around or risk serious damage to you and your bike.

Thunderstorms: If you let the chance of a thunderstorm stop you, you might never get a ride in in the summer. Keep good rain gear handy and you can probably ride through most of them. However, when the forecast says SEVERE, think twice – blinding rain, hail and wind will endanger even the best riders.

Tornadoes: Tornado warning? Find shelter – and NOT in an overpass. According to the Kansas Weather Service, you are more likely to be killed or injured in an overpass than you are out in the open. If you have no other choice, and can’t change your path, head for the lowest possible area (in a ditch or a below-grade culvert), and lie flat. Never attempt to outrun a tornado in a vehicle.

Dust storm.  Riders in the Southwest have seen these increasing over the past few years. If you should be on your bike when a “haboob” is on the horizon, do not try to ride through it. Pull off to the side of the road and turn off your lights, and wait until the storm passes – usually in just a few minutes.

***Always remember other vehicles on the road are likely not watching for motorcycles in adverse conditions – be careful!

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