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We’re wrapping up riding season here in Milwaukee, which means only one thing: planning our next trip.  So we started wondering about the most outrageous motorcycle trips we could possibly take and came up with a list of five, once-in-a-lifetime, completely outrageous adventures.

A few of these are international, where we don’t ship motorcycles – but this is dream time, right?

  1. Route 66, start to finish.  Starting in Chicago and ending in LA, Route 66 is 2400 miles of classic roads, restaurants, gas stations, and nostalgic landmarks are preserved just as they were in the 1950s.  Our bucket list gives us a month to enjoy it – but if your time is short, two weeks is enough for a one-way trip. More info at  The National Historic Route 66 Association.
  2. Isle of Man TT. For years, this was the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. These extremely dangerous races feature  high speeds on very narrow, twisting streets, roads and lanes flanked by stone walls and even buildings. Of course, you can always go as a spectator if the 239 deaths (since 1907) on the  Snaeffel Mountain Course have you a little spooked. Start your planning at
  3. Chile and Machu Pichu. How about an amazing adventure though spectacular ocean scenery, ancient civilizations, precarious border crossings and Andes mountain roads.  We think this one is probably best navigated with an experienced tour operator.

That’s just a start! How about you? What’s on your bucket list for motorcycle travel? Tell us about it on our Facebook page.


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