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Shorter days, longer shadows, cooler temperatures…..it’s autumn.  Fall offers some great reasons to get out and ride:

It’s a great time to check out the scenery – Fall provides an amazing palette with the turning leaves. Some of the best roads to ride are often in areas where there are a lot of hills and trees that are the perfect canvas for autumn colors. Nature’s artwork is often best viewed from a motorcycle.

You can take advantage of the cooler temperatures – Cool, crisp air is very refreshing this time of year.  Riding temperatures can be so much more comfortable than in the summer heat.  There is something about the smell of the falling leaves that makes it so inviting to be outdoors.

You can truly justify wearing leather – Leather looks cool. And milder temperatures make it much more comfortable to wear.  So strap on the chaps, pull on the leather gloves, and don your toughest-looking leather jacket.  You’ll be comfortable and look sharp.  And of course, not to mention the added safety benefits of wearing leather.

You can grab a a last chance to ride – For those that live in parts of the country that don’t get to experience warm climates all year round, fall is the last chance for riding before it’s time for the bike to hibernate for the long winter. All those roads you still want to hit, all those buddies you still want to do a ride with……..do it now.  It could be snowing soon.

4 Tips for Fall Riding:

  1. Check the weather forecast – the weather can turn quickly this time of year, so be prepared and pack the rain gear
  2. Appropriate clothing – to stay warm and comfortable you may need gloves and a jacket
  3. Watch for wet leaves – wet leaves are slippery so be cautious of the road conditions
  4. Deer can be more active in the autumn – always be on the lookout for wildlife

Where are you heading to this fall?


Photo by Max Langelott on Unsplash


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