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Owning or renting an ATV trailer comes in handy when you and a few buddies are making plans for your next off road ride and want to take multiple ATVs along. Since they come in varying sizes and shapes, what size you buy or rent really depends on the number of ATVs that you need to load up and haul to your next run. Luckily, ATV trailers are available in sizes that can house one, two or three ATVs – and if need be you can even find one that can transport as many as six ATVs at a time!

When renting ATV trailers or buying ATV trailers make sure you’re getting a strong and sturdy deck to support your entire load of 4-wheelers, so that each quad’s weight is proportionately transferred to the support of the trailer’s main structural support beams. The trailer’s tongue-mounting system should also be strong, sturdy and reliable, to ensure that it works without twisting, cracking or bending while you’re pulling your load. The cross members should be strong and well-built, too, otherwise they will twist and cause corner flex in the trailer’s deck, which ultimately results in cracked welds.

Some concerns to watch for when loading ATV trailers:

  • Position of the quad(s) to keep the weight on the hitch
  • Total load weight
  • Weight on the rear of the trailer bed

There are different types of ATV trailers available with the “tilt-clamp” trailer generally easier to use than other ATV trailers. The tilt-clamp system eliminates the hitch-system and is therefore faster to use, along with the trailer’s tongue attached or rather pulled straight to the trailer with a T-bolt, eliminating vibration to the load while in motion.

Because there are as many ways to secure or “tie down” a 4-wheeler for transporting as there are available on-line or other resources that rent or sell ATV trailers along with proper use suggestions, why not choose an ATV shipping expert to transport your ATV for you and forget the hassle of learning about ATV trailer tie downs and shipping on your own?

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