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No one stolen your bike yet? Well don’t get to comfortable in the saddle because that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen! According to, “an excess of 26,000 motorcycles are stolen every year in America” – and your prized ride could be next. There are ways to lower the odds of your motorcycle being stolen and although no single one is completely foolproof, if you take a few precautions you stand a better chance of ensuring your bike isn’t taken for a random joy ride.

Whether at Sturgis or Daytona, making a gas pit stop or just stopping for a bite, or parked in your own drive or yard, never assume your bike is protected from motorcycle theft. Only with proper locks and precautions is your bike really safe. Follow these motorcycle theft prevention tips from to ensure your bike will be exactly where you last balanced it on its kickstand:

Out of site, out of mind – but not out of reach! So either cover your bike or position it so that it’s less tempting.
Steer sticky fingers in another direction. Make sure to always use your steering lock. Although easy for the thief to remove, it’s your first line of defense.
Lock Smarts 101 – Lock your bike to a secure, heavy stationary or structural object, like your house, truck or camper. Thinking about locking your bike in your garage? Tools around? Don’t give the thieves extra help by giving them a helping hand to dismantle your bike or its lock. Another tip – disc locks can be picked up along with your bike – so pick up a different kind of lock!
One lock is good, two is better. Not only should you use more than one lock, use different types of locks. Using a variety of locks will slow the process of stealing your bike, further making it less of a target.
Don’t skimp on locks. Using better quality locks will help deter theft. Using U-locks could mean trouble. These are easy to pry off.
Don’t give away the store! So store your keys far away from the bike. This needs no further explanation.
Along with these few simple steps, a good motorcycle insurance plan is still a good idea. According to, you’ll want replacement value insurance for your bike otherwise, if your bike is stolen, your insurance will give you a market value. The money you receive from a market value probably won’t be enough to buy another bike. And, if you’ve added any extra goodies to your bike, you’ll want to be sure to notify your insurance company in writing. Adding parts to your bike increases its value and if your bike is stolen, you’ll want to make sure you get what your bike was worth.

Protecting your bike during shipping
When you ship your motorcycle with Daily Direct-HAULBIKES feel assured that your “baby” is safe with us. From inspection reports to our enclosed warehouse and trailers, we keep your bike’s safety in mind. And for extra peace of mind, we always offer $15,000 of insurance with a $500 deductible included in your price.

To reserve your bike’s shipment with the company who offers a .5% damage ratio (opposed to others who usually have a 9-13% ratio), call HAULBIKES at 888-HAULBIKES or contact us online.


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