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Miles from home, miles of good road under your wheels. Thoughts turn from the scenery to …FOOD. What’s the favorite destination? According to our highly scientific* Facebook poll, BBQ wins the day. Burgers came in a close second. One of our commenters specified that the BBQ MUST be local to the area (we agree!)

SO, what are some of the favorite places to combine a bike obsession with a BBQ destination?

Bikes Blues and BBQ One meal not enough for you? Then you need to make a weekend of it in Fayetteville, AR. Hundreds of BBQ vendors, a BBQ contest, Bikes, Blues & BBQ is the largest non-profit, family-friendly motorcycle rally in the United States dedicated to raising money for local charities. Ride, eat and jam, all for a good cause.

Elbow Inn & BBQ Pit St. Roberts, MO . This one is for you Route 66 travelers – a little out of the way, but tops in atmosphere and food. Try the pulled pork, brisket or rack of ribs with thick sweet sauce. And ladies…you may want to pack some extra undergarments…apparently there is a tradition here of leaving your bra hanging from the ceiling. How could this place NOT be fantastic?

Mac’s Speed Shop We couldn’t let a BBQ discussion go without a shout out to the Carolina’s. With 6 locations, pull up to your reserved motorcycle parking area,  listen to an open-air local band, dig into some tender brisket and enjoy the huge beer selection.

*not really

Where are YOUR favorite BBQ destinations? Tell us about them on our Facebook page and we’ll try to feature them in upcoming editions.


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