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At motorcycle rallies, the fun doesn’t end when the day’s ride is done. If you’re getting together with your local club or attend one of the big national rallies, here are a few motorcycle games you might see.

1. Treasure Hunts. Often done in conjunction with a local Chamber of Commerce, treasure hunts send bikers all over a certain area to pick up prizes or coupons from area businesses. A great way to get to know out-of-the way places and get some great deals along the way.
2. Poker Run. Riders “race” to five to seven area checkpoints, picking a card along the way. Prizes are given for best and worst hand at the end of the race. Some poker runs will spice things up with little surprises at each stop, ranging from snacks to bikini models.
3. Slow Race. Want to test your skill and balance? Many rallies will challenge you to a slow race, where the riders will “race” across a parking lot to cross a finish line. Whoever gets there last, without touching a foot down, wins.
4. Two-by-Six Race. Riders compete to see who can ride the farthest down end-to-end 2×6 boards without falling off. Courses are usually set up with 4-6 sixteen-foot boards.
5. Pole-in-the-Hole. Have dreams of knighthood? Then hop on your iron horse, arm your passenger with a pool cue, and attempt to run the cue through a suspended hoop.
6. Beer barrel race. What to do with all those empty kegs? Attempt to push them 30 yards using only your front tire. First one across the finish line wins.
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