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Bikers and tattoos go together like grease and chains, and since it seems like we’re finally able to show some skin to the sun again after our long winter, we thought we’d give you some tips for your next great work of body art/biker tattoo.

1. Choose your artist carefully. A great place to start is asking your friends. Even established shops might have beginner artists – make sure you’re seeing pictures of your artist’s actual work.

2. Don’t make a rash decision. Be a grown-up. Very few people DON’T regret that late-night vacation tat. Or at very least, don’t get it on your face.

3. Don’t be afraid to collaborate. You’ll be living with the artwork for a long time. If the preliminary sketch doesn’t look just how you want it the first time, get a revision.

4. Go in relaxed. Bring some headphones to listen to music. Tell your artist you need a break if you feel dizzy or faint, or if the pain is getting to you.

5. Choose a location. Rule of thumb: flesh hurts less, bone hurts more. Still want that elbow artwork?

6. Should you tip? Advice is all over the board on this one, but industry standard is tipping the same as another service professional, 15-20%

Rallies are great places to check out, or display, every kind of body art. If you want to motorcycle to meet you there, you know the motorcycle shippers to call!


Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash


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