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If you want to transport your bike across the state or across the country, renting a motorcycle trailer can be a good choice. Motorcycle trailer rental can offer a low-cost solution to transporting your bike, but it also can take longer – using up precious days of your trip or vacation. Motorcycle trailer rental is not the only option for people who want to move bikes quickly and safely. Whether you’re transporting your Vintage Harley-Davidson or a team of motocross bikes, you might consider shipping your bike so you can fly or save gas mileage by driving without a trailer.

Reasons to ship your motorcycle instead of renting a motorcycle trailer:

Convenience – You don’t have to haul your bike with you. Instead have a shipper pick it up at your door and meet your bike at your hotel or a dealership nearby. Besides, don’t you have enough stuff to drag along?

Time – In some cases flying may be the only option for your vacation. You can meet your bikes at your destination.

Safety – Using an experienced shipper that only hauls bikes is safer for you and your bike. A good shipping company will offer insurance and have a specialized transportation system and trucks specifically for motorcycles.

Protection – Some motorcycle trailer rentals are not covered – leaving your bike unprotected against the weather. Using a shipping company instead of motorcycle trailer rental assures you that your bike will not be left exposed.

Whether you’re shipping your bike for a rally, vacation, move or new motorcycle purchase, Daily Direct – HAULBIKES is the right choice for all your motorcycle transport needs. With regularly scheduled zone routes and affordable motorcycle shipping rates across the U.S., we offer door to door pick up and delivery.

Drivers will pick up and drop off your motorcycles – battery connected and fluids intact, so you do not need to crate or palletize them. Bikes are secured using a specialized strapping system and enclosed trailers, designed specifically for motorcycles and tested to protect against damage and wear.

Special requests or custom deliveries are no problem for this transportation veteran. We even accommodate sidecars, trikes and choppers.

Instant online access to price quotes and online contracts are available 24 hours a day with our online rate calculator. Rates include insurance and never have hidden charges.

So next time you are searching for motorcycle trailer rentals, consider the ease of motorcycle shipping with HAULBIKES.


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