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This is no ordinary truck driver job. At HAULBIKES we are looking for motorcycle people who want to work with motorcycle people. We use fresh equipment to transport motorcycles throughout the 48 contiguous states.

Check out the pay and benefits info below, download and fill out the PDF application or contact us to learn more!

Have your own qualifying tractor? Check out our opportunities for Owner/Operators.


  • $90,000 – $100,000 per year (see #1 below)
  • 10,000 miles/month average
  • Mileage Pay: $.57/ mile
  • Pay Structure Increases
    • After year 1 -  $.005 increase
    • After year 2 -  $.005 increase
    • After year 3 -  $.005 increase
    • After year 4 -  $.005 increase
  • Handling Pay: $15/ bike
  • Add-on Stop Pay: $25/stop (#2 below)
  • Event Pay: $200/day (#3 below)
  • Layover Pay: $175 /day
  • Loyalty Pay: $.01 / mile increase for each year of service (effective after the first year of service)
  • No Damage Bonus (#4 below)
  • Safety Bonus (#5 below)
  • Company Shirts (#6 below)


  • Assigned, dedicated trailers.
  • Company paid permits.
  • Paid training time.
  • Driver-friendly terminal with showers, laundry facilities and TV lounge.
  • Indoor loading at all our terminals
  • Electronic logs.
  • Satellite tracking.
  • 401K available after the first year.
  • FSA available through payroll deductions.


  • Paid Time Off:

    • One week January 1st of the year, after you started
    • Two weeks January 1st of the year, two years after you started
    • Three weeks January 1st of the year, five years after you started
    • Four weeks January 1st of the year, seven years after you started
    • Five weeks January 1st of the year, ten years after you started
  • Paid Health Insurance:
    First $500 per month of single or family plan
  • Discounted Disability & Vision Insurance:
    Plan offered through AFLAC
  • T-Chek card for fuel


  • Be at least 23 years of age.
  • Have a clean MVR.
  • Have a minimum of two years OTR all-weather driving experience.
#1 - Last year’s overall average.


#2 - This will be paid to you for any pick-up (add on) that is sent to you after you leave the terminal on a trip. This is per stop, not per bike. This would not be paid out for pick-up that was on your original itinerary given to you at the terminal.


#3 - This pay is decided that you are instructed by DDLLC to work/participate in a designated event. Event pay is not paid for loading/unloading as part of a trip.


#4 - Any driver who delivers product damage free for a full calendar year (January – December) will receive a $500 bonus for that year. Any driver/operator who delivers product Damage Free for 3 consecutive years will also receive an additional bonus of $2,500, in addition to the yearly bonus.


#5 - A driver who successfully completes the Safety Bonus Program will receive $300/quarter. If a driver/operator successfully qualifies for the bonus all four quarters of the calendar year, they will receive an additional $300 bonus in addition to the quarter bonus amount.


#6 - Each year in conjunction to your annual anniversary date with DDLLC, you are allowed to get 5 company shirts of your choosing at the following costs: 3 free, 2 at half price. All shirts must be ordered at the same time. Other shirt orders will be under normal pricing scenario.