We at Daily Direct, LLC/HAULBIKES sincerely apologize for the loss or damage that occurred during your shipment. We fully understand your concern and the inconvenience.

We will do everything we possibly can, within our guidelines, to correct the situation. Please take a moment to read the attached information and understand the procedure of how a damage claim is processed through our system.

When you have the required forms and information completed, please sign the agreement and return it to Daily Direct, LLC/HAULBIKES.

Procedures for filing a claim for loss or damage:

1. The Damage Claim Driver Form (link below) must be filled out and returned to the delivery driverupon delivery; failure to do so will result in the claim being rejected.

2. Within 24 hours of delivery the following must be submitted to your customer service representative:

  • Daily Direct Inspection Report received upon delivery
  • a summary outlining ‘said’ damage to the unit
  • pictures showing ‘said’ damage.

If you are not sure how to contact your customer service representative please call the office at 888-428-5245

3. Daily Direct requests that two (2) written estimates be performed and e-mailed, faxed or mailed to Daily Direct within 14 days from the date of delivery. Estimates should be from respectful, known repair facilities.

4. Any damaged part(s) that is and/or are being replaced with new component(s) will need to be shipped to Daily Direct at the claimant’s expense following completion of repair.

How a received claim is processed:

  1. Upon receipt of claim, shipments original paperwork will be compared with claimant’s paperwork and estimates.
  2. Driver(s) will be interviewed to discuss said claim while paperwork and estimates are being gathered.
  3. Claim will be reviewed by insurance company for determination.
  4. Claimant notified of determination by Daily Direct.
  5. Claim submitted to accounts payable if approved. Payment will be issued within 30 days or less of claim being submitted to payables.