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The last time you went out for a ride, did you have to leave your best buddy behind? Ever see a dog hanging his head out of a car window and wonder about the state of bliss your very own canine companion would achieve on the back of your bike?

Your first thought may be for safety – both for you and for the dog. Not to mention the risk to others should your pup decide to hop off on the highway. Experts recommend starting slow, on a safe surface (like a parking lot) to see if your dog takes to the idea. Once you’ve established your pooch can tolerate the roar of the engine and the balance of a bike, start looking into a carrier or safety harness made especially for dogs. Whatever you choose, don’t make the mistake of this guy – a behind-the-rider carrier is probably the safest choice.

Take a few rides with the pet carrier attached so YOU can get used to it first. Add some weight so you can practice without putting your dog at risk. Once you’re comfortable, start with a short, slow trip on safe streets to make sure everyone’s comfortable. Once you’re ready for longer rides, make sure to plan regular pit stops for water – more often than you would riding alone. Think how dry you’d get with your tongue wagging  in the breeze.

Once everyone’s having fun, look into companies that specialize in dog rider gear (who knew?) Goggles, helmets and carriers are all available from online stores. Check out Rockstar Puppy and other places online for Motorcycle Dog Carriers.


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