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Maybe it’s the roar of 100 – or 1000 engines on the road together, or maybe it’s the fun of seeing people you know week after week, but being part of a motorcycle club is, for many, a vital part of the motorcycle lifestyle experience. If you’re not in one, or you’re just looking to expand your social circles, here are a few ways to get started.

TV and movies like to make motorcycle gangs seem scary and criminal, and no doubt there are a few bad apples out there. But 99% of motorcycle groups are committed to good clean fun. That being said, if your club of choice sports 1% patches, we sincerely hope you have a fast bike and a good lawyer.

Brand Clubs. This may be the easiest place to start – whether it’s the legendary HOG (Harley Owner’s Group),  Triumph Motorcycle Club or the BMW Motorcycle Owners, these big brands have chapters all over the world. Check your brand’s website for details on when and where to meet up with other riders who share your passion for your make and model. Your local dealer may also sponsor events and get-togethers with others who ride your ride.

Vintage Clubs.  If your brand club doesn’t appreciate the joys and challenges of riding and maintaining a vintage bike, check out the Antique Motorcycle Club of America  or the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. These clubs have events and online forums where you can get and give advice about your piece of history.

Social Causes. There are also clubs that rally around specific causes. While it’s not unusual for a local club to sponsor a ride for charity, there are also clubs that are dedicated to donations, such as the Blue Knights (law enforcement) .

Children’s Causes. Feel the need to help those that cannot help themselves? The Guardians of the Children and Bikers Against Child Abuse are both raising funds and actually working with the children who are victims of child abuse by protecting them in their times of need.

Special Interest. You can also ride with like-minded women in the Women in the Wind MC, keep it safe and sober with the Association of Recovering Motorcyclists,  provide escorts for fallen veterans with the Patriot Guard Riders.

With all these options, there’s no reason you can’t find a club who’ll have you as a member. And if you ever want to get all your new friends together and ship a truckload of bikes to that big national rally, you know who to call for motorcycle shipping for motorcycle clubs. We even have special motorcycle shipping discounts when you book a whole truckload!


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