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For those that live in cold climates, that means your motorcycle will hibernate for the winter. If there is no motorcycle off-season where you live, then you will likely scan this article, chuckle, and then go for a ride while the rest of us are doing a bit of work in order to NOT ride our motorcycles. Or even better — you’re planning on shipping your motorcycle to some great, warm-weather rally!

Consider this checklist a gentle reminder of the basics of winter storage. Remember, proper winterization will greatly increase the chances your bike will start right up in the spring. So, before you tuck your baby away for its long, winter sleep:

  • Find a good place to store it – ideally a dry, heated place with a breathable. motorcycle cover to prevent moisture from being trapped underneath.
  • Change the oil – afterwards run the engine for a bit to circulate the new oil.
  • Lubricate any moving parts – the chain, all cables, and all pivoting parts (foot peg joints, etc).
  • Remove the battery – after removal, it should be stored in a warm, dry place.
  • Clean and wax – thoroughly remove built up grease, tar, bugs, etc. that have accumulated from the riding season. Wax the tank to create a nice protective barrier. A protecting moisturizer on the tires will help prevent dry-out.
  • Fill the gas tank and add fuel stabilizer – this will prevent the gas from going bad.
  • Check the tire pressure – inflate them to the proper level if need be.
  • Drain the carburetor – if this applies to your bike.

And get yourself ready for the next riding season!


Photo by Cameron Kirby on Unsplash


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