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January 2020 update:

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Mt Everest tour calendar for 2020 is as below:
For the high season tour schedule
May 11th-19th
June 15- 23
July 2-10
August 3-11
September 8-16
October 19-27
And the low season tour schedule
April 7th-15th
Novermber 16th-24th
December 1st- 9th
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We made some new friends in Tibet of all places! Justin from has shared with us the tours of Tibet that he and his company offer on Motorcycles! Think about it, you see an awful lot while riding your motorcycle, how about seeing a completely new world on a motorcycle?

Tibetan Mountain

Tibet is known as the “Roof of the World” as it is the highest region on earth at an average go 16,000 feet. To further back up that “roof” claim, it is home to Mount Everest which soars to 29,000 feet.

The next group that will be touring Tibet begins on November 16th and lasts 10 days with 6 days traveling 1000 miles through the beautiful land.

Tibet Motorcycle Ride Map

Day 1- 3 Lhasa
Where you get to see the Potala Palace (formerly the home of the Dalai Lama), Jokhang Temple which is considered to be the center of Buddhism in Tibet and the Sera Monastery where students of the colleges at the monastery debate in the courtyard as a part of their education.

Day 4 Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake to Karola Glacier to Shigatse – 225 miles
Let the journey begin! Yamdrok Lake is one of the 4 Great Wrathful Lakes protected by the goddess Dorje Gegkyi Tso. Picture a lake at 14,750 feet surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
Then it is off to see the Karola Glacier. The glacier is 9 square kilometers and is said to be still growing! The evening will be spent tin the city of Shigatse.

Day 5 Shigatse to Lhaste to Tingri – 150 miles
Today you visit the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery which is the home of the Panchen Lama which would be the second highest in the Gelug tradition Tibetan Buddhism. This is a newer Monatery, founded in 1447.
Later you visit the small town of Lhatse, concluding the day in Tingri.

Day 6 Tingri through the Gyawu La Pass to the Rongbuk Monastery offload to Old Tingri – 110 miles
An exciting day ahead – the Gyawu Pass allows views of Mount Makalu, Mount Lhotse and Mount Everest.
The group continues on to the Rongbuk Monastery where Mount Everest is still a prominent part of the scene. The Monastery is a stopping place for climbers attempting Everest. Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two to summit Everest, was from here.
Use your crazy dirt bike riding skills as Rongbuk to Old Tingri the journey is offload!!!

Day 7 Old Tingri to Lhatse to Shigatse – 185 miles
You are starting the journey back – but – through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!

Day 8 Shigatse to Yangpachen – Damxung – 205 miles
A stop at the Yangpachen Hot Springs and then on to Damxung for the evening.

Day 9 Damxung to Namtso Lake to Lhasa 174 miles
Crossing through the Nagen La Pass where you can see the Namtso Lake, another holy lake where you are at an elevation of 15,475 feet. Finally, the ride back to Lhasa to drop off the motorcycles and prepare for your journey home.

All arrangements are taken care of by the tour company. No need to worry about getting your motorcycle to Tibet, they have rental BMW GS’s.

A .pdf of their brochere can be accessed HERE

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