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Wondering how to get shipping a vintage motorcycle bought at auction? If you’re into older motorcycles, then there’s nothing more entertaining than scouring the rows of bikes on a quest to find the best of the best at Mecum Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction. From perfect-looking John Player Nortons to vintage Triumph SpeedTwins to Royal Enfield Bullets, the machines on display at Mecum Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auction are always the cream of the crop, meticulously judged on things that matter, like period-correctness, attention to detail and overall aesthetics, among others. For most cycle enthusiasts, though, the real treat is just walking around such nice old bikes, picking out details and appreciating that the past can still come alive today.

Bikes from the ’60s and earlier can be very beautiful and rewarding, but they can also be fragile and temperamental. Never buy a vintage bike on a whim. First, do your research. Bargains are rare, and a cheap vintage bike is probably missing a lot of key parts. And be honest about your abilities and enthusiasm for upkeep. Don’t get a vintage bike with the expectation of using it for daily commuting, unless you’re a highly skilled mechanic.

Once you get a feel for what you want, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to bid on a lot of dream vintage bikes at one of their upcoming spectacular events.

And when you win your bid at the auctions, then you’ll want to call the official transporter for all Mecum Auctions’ Vintage Motorcycle Auctions, HAULBIKES at 888-HAULBIKES, to ship your dream purchase back home.


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